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Don Lee Farms Supplies Daily Servings To Hunger Relief Program

Don Lee Farms

Los Angeles-based Don Lee Farms is supplying over one million servings a day for USDA’s new Farmers To Families Food Box Program. Don Lee Farms, a third-generation family food company, is bringing together American suppliers and a local distribution fleet of mobile refrigerated trucks to hunger-relief organizations and local school districts throughout the Southern California area.

Don Lee Farms is a national food manufacturer with 38 years of experience. Through USDA, they have partnered with regional food banks and school districts totaling over 600 food bank recipient agencies and food pantries to distribute Farmers To Families Food Boxes. They are mobilizing resources to support U.S. agriculture, fight hunger and support American families, seniors and children through “truck to trunk” drive-through distribution.

The new program brings farmers to families by taking food that would otherwise not have a market due to the disruption from the pandemic to distribute that food to families who need it most. Regional organizations, like the Los Angeles Region Food Bank, have seen an 80 percent increase in demand. The USDA program gives the Food Bank the food and delivery resources they need in order to feed families, seniors and children as demand continues to rise.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve prioritized capacity for government assistance programs and keeping club stores and markets continuously stocked with our plant-based and meat proteins,” said Donald Goodman, president, Don Lee Farms. “We’re now supplying over one million servings a day in support of this USDA program.”

The family-sized boxes are packed with 20 pounds of proteins that range from grilled chicken patties and breakfast pork sausage patties to shredded mozzarella cheese. Each box brings together America’s farmers and families through direct drive-through distribution.

 “We’ve been committed to our community since our establishment in Southern California in 1982,” Goodman said. “We’re focused on getting food to those who need it most. We’re proud to be a select group of capable suppliers who have stepped up to make this program a success.”

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