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New Platform Connects Natural Product Brands And Investors

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Last updated on September 19th, 2022 at 10:55 am

JPG ResourcesThe Movitz Group and The Litchfield Fund are launching Brandjectory, a virtual platform designed to enable emerging food and beverage and other natural products brands, and accredited investors interested in the space, to easily build relationships and have meaningful conversations before, during and after a capital raise. In response to current events and the community’s heightened need for efficient and effective interaction, for a limited time it is offering two month’s access to the platform for free.

For the past two years, the partners have been working to alleviate the challenges that investors and brands share in finding each other and communicating updates, particularly beyond traditional in-person meetings and trade shows. Brandjectory has been in beta with a number of brands (including Toasted Oat Bakehouse, Petit Pot, Square Baby and Tea Squares) and investors, including 2X Consumer Growth Partners and The Angel Group.

“Brandjectory is a specialized platform unlike any other in the industry,” said Jeff Grogg, managing director of JPG Resources. “This social-based platform generates a culture of open communication and collaboration to help empower and inspire both brands and investors. We are incredibly passionate about nurturing the growth of our industry and facilitating investment when early-stage brands need it most. I look forward to seeing the relationships – and results – Brandjectory will foster as its community and members grow.”       

Award winner

Brandjectory recently won the Entrepreneur magazine NEXT contest, aimed at helping entrepreneurs start a business or grow an existing venture. Out of the thousands of applicants, it was selected as the winner based on its clarity of purpose, strength of entrepreneurial DNA and demonstrated ability to think differently about a problem. As part of its being selected as the winner, the new platform now will receive additional guidance and support from Entrepreneur NEXT as it launches and scales.

“Brandjectory facilitates discovery, connection, communication and information exchange between brands and investors. They can build a relationship and stay updated in real time,” said Michael Movitz, founder and managing partner of The Movitz Group. “Brandjectory allows brands to tell their story as they grow, and for investors to learn about all aspects of a brand before engaging in more direct dialogue. And adoption should be easy, as Brandjectory uses a familiar social media format that incorporates both public and private features.”

Tom Malengo, chief business officer and co-founder at The Litchfield Fund, said,  “Company updates help pique the interest of potential investors and allow them to confidentially begin building strong relationships that can lead to a direct investment. To ensure the platform focuses solely on relationship building and discovery rather than crowdfunding or other monetary investment, all deals take place outside of Brandjectory. Brandjectory sets itself apart from crowdfunding and investment sites as it only charges a flat subscription fee for access to the platform, instead of a percentage of any capital raise.”

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