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CitrusAd Unleashes Banner X For Grocery E-Commerce

Citrus Ad Banner X

CitrusAd has unleashed Banner X on their retail media platform in the USA which provides brands and retailers with click through rates that are on average 10 to 30 times traditional display media.

Banner X ads are fully responsive, natively served banner ads with real-time personalization that are positioned in the grid of e-commerce product carousels. The ad style is congruent to each retailer’s e-commerce design and layout including fonts, call to action (CTA) buttons and other style guidelines to complement and enhance the online shopping experience. This is a change from programmatic display ad media that can look out of place with little to no relevancy to the shopper visit.

Additionally, Banner X ads are easily built and self-managed within the CitrusAd platform itself and provide CPGs with the ability to target and select the search terms they feel are most viable for their strategic approach. It is all API driven to streamline a retailer’s digital monetization business. CPGs and agencies no longer need to book positions weeks in advance from going live and retailer teams do not need to upload creative. By accessing the real-time reporting dashboard, brands and retailers can visualize the measured ad results within five minutes of being live.

CitrusAd will be launching video into Banner X, display media and branded pages this year empowering retailers to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google by offering video content capability at the point of purchase.

Savvy brands and agencies are combining Banner X with sponsored product campaigns, resulting in some CPGs increasing category market share by 500 points within 14 days of going live.

Grocery retailers using the Mercatus Integrated Commerce platform are some of the first online stores to offer Banner X positions to suppliers.

“For our retail partners, the ability to generate additional revenue from their e-commerce storefronts with native digital advertising is a clear winner,” said Sylvain Perrier, president and CEO of Mercatus. “Banner X ad placements offer the ability to present hyper-relevant, targeted ads that not only deliver a bigger promotional punch, but also are more cost-effective for advertisers and at the same time improve the overall shopper experience.”

CitrusAd CEO Brad Moran stated, “We are an innovative retail media technology company to our core, our mission is to help retailers and their suppliers become more effective and efficient in e-commerce.  Banner X is only the first step in our journey to quickly improve the execution of display media in e-commerce platforms. They are native, highly responsive, load fast and are more relevant, delivering better visibility, greater impact and higher conversion rates while improving shopper satisfaction.”

These dynamic banner ads also provide increased accessibility as they can contain additional information that helps support blind and disabled shoppers that utilize screen readers.

New York, New York-based CitrusAd is a white-label, self-serve, e-commerce advertising platform that enables retailers to monetize their digital shelf-space while enabling suppliers to increase sales by launching targeted and cost-effective digital campaigns right at the point of purchase. Since it was launched in 2017, CitrusAd has become the global retail industry’s preferred sponsored product and banner ad platform. Successful retailers, across all verticals from 22 different countries are leveraging the CitrusAd platform to create more personal shopping experiences and deliver greater ROI for suppliers.

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