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Syfel Inc. Announces New Line Of Safer Shopping Bags

Syfel shopping bags

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the grocery industry has been on the front lines to protect people from disease. In an effort to support grocers,  Syfel Inc., producer of reusable bags, has created an extra measure to keep staff and customers safe. Antimicrobial reusable shopping bags and boxes are the next wave in protecting people from health hazards caused by microbes. Syfel

Syfel is the first and only North American supplier of reusable shopping bags that have an integrated antimicrobial technology, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds and fungi. The technology is embedded in the bags and boxes during manufacturing and can be used on any fabric. The boxes are foldable and easy to clean. However, the protection remains even if they’re not cleaned.

This additive has been tested to ISO standards and is recognized as FDA-compliant. It is not visible and cannot be smelled or tasted, ensuring that it does not affect foods. The protection it affords lasts throughout the lifetime of the bag, the company says.

Environmentally minded consumers have gladly embraced the use of reusable bags, which is good for the planet. These non-leaching bags and boxes do their bit, too, as they can be safely recycled. And because the bags and boxes inhibit the growth of microbes by 99.99 percent, users can be assured that even in the event of food leakage, the antimicrobial properties protect them from foodborne illnesses.

Syfel Inc. is an international company with offices in New York, New York, Canada and Europe. In 2006, with humble beginnings and a vision to replace single-use plastic bags, Sylvia Feldzamen built this business by knocking on one door at a time under the Envi brand. Her determination to succeed has built a well-known brand as a leading international supplier of customized reusable and sustainable bags for grocery, retail stores, restaurants, conferences, trades shows, liquor stores and wineries.

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