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Roche Bros. And Foley Fish Celebrate 40 Years Of Seafood Partnership

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In November 1980, Bud Roche called Mike Foley to give Foley Fish its first opportunity with Roche Bros. Foley had given up his career in banking in 1979 to open Foley Fish New Bedford and bring restaurant quality seafood to retail. Forty years later, Roche Bros has 21 stores – all featuring fresh, all-natural Foley Fish. 

To celebration the partnership, Roche Bros. is running a special promotion throughout the month of November where each store will raffle five of Mike Foley’s recently debuted books, “Swimming Upstream,” a tale about their four generations of fish. Roche Bros. is also running an ad campaign during November that tells the history of the partnership and features many photos from the years working together. Foley Fish

The Roche Bros. and Foley Fish relationship began with a shared belief that bringing the fish market to supermarkets would require a branded fish program, so consumers could trust where they were getting their fish. Foley was a trusted name in seafood, as they had been operating in Boston since 1906 serving fine dining restaurants, clubs, resorts and hotels. Foley’s dad, Frank Foley – a second generation owner – recruited Mike to come back into the business with the idea that consumers would want restaurant quality fish in their homes.

Roche Bros. and Foley Fish have worked together to build a program that includes not only seafood but lots of training to ensure fish is handled properly at store level. The program works to guarantee associates know information about the species they are selling and how to best prepare them. Roche Bros. customers continue to get all-natural fish because that is all Foley Fish offers – which is rare in the largely unregulated world of seafood.

The two companies also share a commitment to sustainability and their communities. From how the fish gets delivered to the species they promote, both family businesses are committed to offering goods and services in an eco-friendly manner.

“We talk to all of our vendors about how they can contribute to a better planet with their packaging and the goods they offer us,” says Rick Roche, CEO of Roche Bros. 

Roche Bros. and Foley Fish also share a commitment to the Greater Boston Food Bank, as they each donate time and resources to ensure the most vulnerable in their communities are fed. 

According to Laura Foley Ramsden, fourth generation owner, the rationale for Roche Bros. partnering with Foley Fish is just as relevant today in a world ravaged by COVID.

“With restaurants and hotels closed or at reduced capacity due to COVID, local fish lovers can still get that restaurant quality fish they used to enjoy when dining out, by shopping at Roche Bros. and Brothers Marketplace,” said Ramsden. “Our mission is still meaningful – get that great restaurant quality fish chefs demand into the stores so consumers can enjoy really great, all-natural fresh fish at home.” 

Roche Bros. is a family business, headquartered in Mansfield, Massachusetts, that employs more than 4,800 associates in its 21 Roche Bros., Sudbury Farms and Brothers Marketplace grocery stores. Second generation owners Rick and Ed Roche carry on the family tradition.

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