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PureCart Rebrands, Expands Sales Team To Meet Growing Demands

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PureCart Systems, a sanitation company for grocery and retail, is rebranding. The organization will now be known as PureCart, offering a more modern logo and website. As part of its rebranding efforts, the company has announced an expansion of its sales team under the new direction of Adrian Selby, SVP of marketing and sales.

“At the heart of this rebrand is our desire to show more accurately who we are and what we do,” said CEO Coby Baker. “With the onset of the pandemic, many new players have entered the industry, and we felt it was important to modernize our marketing to better communicate the benefits of PureCart solutions.”

Added Selby, “I’m thrilled to come onboard with the PureCart team under their revamped brand and help them reach more businesses across the country. The system truly is a game changer in the grocery and retail industry. Carts and shopping buggies are notoriously dirty. With the holiday season approaching and cold and flu season ramping up, I hope to help support more organizations on efficient operations to better protect their patrons and employees.”

The PureCart system is a patented technology with 15 years in market. All chemical solutions are EPA and EU registered, including an EPA “N” listed status. The EPA expects all products on List N to demonstrate efficacy against the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and human coronaviruses that are similar.

The cleaning system disinfects 100 percent of a cart in approximately one second with a quick-drying mist, eliminating the need for store employees to manually clean each cart throughout the day. These cleaning solutions are located in several grocery and retail stores across the U.S. and can be set up indoors or outdoors.

Customers can choose to purchase a PureCart disinfecting system through lease or a one-time purchase. In addition, customers can purchase a portable system called MobileMist to protect their entire store’s surfaces. PureCart is based in Las Vegas.

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