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Ferrara Hops Into Easter With Seven New Products, Digital Activities


Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 03:14 pm

With Easter just around the corner, Chicago, Illinois-based Ferrara is rolling out seasonal candy and cookie treats ready to be featured in virtual egg hunts and creative activities. The seasonal confectionery company is offering seven additions to its portfolio of classic springtime treats.

“With many families celebrating Easter at home this year, Ferrara’s seasonal portfolio includes a variety of fun and innovative options for any activity, like our new digital jelly bean art tutorials using our Classic Jelly Bird Eggs,” said Mariah Havens, director of seasonal confections at Ferrara Candy Co. “From Brach’s Rainbow Sparkle Jelly Bird Eggs to Nerds Easter-themed Treat Size Ropes and Black Forest Spring Snacks, there’s something for every Easter basket the whole family can enjoy.”

A staple of the season, colorful jelly beans are perfect for candy dishes, baking, hiding inside hollow Easter eggs and of course, eating. As a leading producer of jelly beans, Ferrara is adding three new varieties to its lineup:

  • Brach’s Rainbow Sparkle Jelly Bird Eggs: Add a little sparkly pizazz to the holiday with these brightly colored, shiny and shimmery jelly bird eggs. They feature the chewy, fruity and tasty flavors of the rainbow in grape, lemon, lime, orange, blue raspberry and cherry;
  • Brach’s All Reds Jelly Bird Eggs: The crowd-favorite “Red” flavors all packed together — cherry, strawberry, raspberry and watermelon; and
  • Brach’s Milk Chocolate Jelly Bird Egg Mix: 100 percent real milk chocolate-covered jelly beans mixed with non-covered jelly beans provide a multi-textured experience in cherry, raspberry and strawberry flavors.

Ferrara is also expanding other seasonal varieties across its evolving portfolio. In the cookie category, new limited-batch Mother’s Springtime Circus Animal Cookies feature chick, duckling, bunny and butterfly shapes covered in yellow and white icing and topped with sprinkles. 

For families looking for an option made with real ingredients, Ferrara is introducing gluten- and fat-free Black Forest Spring Snacks in flower, duck and bunny shapes. With fruit flavors such as pineapple, strawberry, raspberry and watermelon, these snacks are also available in treat-sized packs.  

Fans of gummy, tangy and crunchy treats will appreciate this year’s new Easter Nerds Treat Size Ropes – individually wrapped with special spring-themed packaging. Featuring a bright green bag and pastel-hued Nerds, these are miniature versions of the iconic Nerds Rope confections.

To round out the lineup, Lemonheads is getting a crush-worthy makeover for all your baking needs. Add Crushed Lemonheads Candy, exclusively available at Walmart, to add to Easter treats.

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