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Vallarta Fires Up Summer With Quality Carne And New Aguas Frescas


Vallarta Supermarkets, one of the largest Latino-owned supermarkets in California and home of the Original Carne Asada, offers a variety of choices for the grill this summer. As restrictions continue to ease, Vallarta’s shoppers have many meats and cuts to choose from, and the grocer expects to sell 30 million pounds of top-grade high-quality meat through September.

Vallarta’s “Carniceria” or meat department’s most famous cut, “Ranchera,” commonly known as Carne Asada or flap meat, is a fan favorite. Shoppers can take home “Carne Asada Preparada” (pre-marinated flap meat) made with Vallarta’s marinade – a proprietary blend of special spices – or non-marinated. Other choices are “Diesmillo” for stews or roasts or “Tasajo” a thick cut also known as the “Tasajo Cut.”

“At Vallarta, as restrictions ease, we look forward to providing shoppers with great quality meats for their summer grilling, along with a variety of salsas, fresh tortillas and more,” said Mark Montelongo, VP of meat, seafood and prepared foodss. “Shoppers can guarantee a great summer with Vallarta and their loved ones.”

Vallarta offers American cuts such as Porterhouse, T-Bone, Tri-Tip and the Tomahawk steak – a premium, thick-cut ribeye steak, a rare find at the average supermarket. Vallarta also offers boneless chicken breast, chicken leg meat, pork spareribs, salmon and lobster tails, among other grilling favorites. “Corte al gusto” (We’ll cut it your way) is the motto at Vallarta’s carniceria, where its team of highly skilled butchers use “old world” cutting techniques to prepare and package customers’ choices to their specifications and needs.

Cool down this summer with an Agua Fresca from Vallarta’s newest VIP (Vallarta Influencer and Partner) Erika Sanchez – her signature Agua de Melon y Naranja. It is a blend of water, fresh cantaloupe and oranges. Her special agua fresca is a Vallarta exclusive only and will be available in the summer for a limited time only at Vallarta’s in-store juice bar, La Isla. 

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