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Virgil’s Launches Three New Zero Sugar Flavors To Kick Off Summer

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Virgil’s, a naturally bold line of craft sodas from Reed’s Inc. based in Norwalk, Connecticut, launches three new zero sugar, ketogenic certified varieties: Grapefruit, Dr. Better and Ginger Ale.

Crafted with natural ingredients, these new flavors can be experienced straight from the can, over ice or mixed with a low-calorie cocktail. The new sodas provide drinkers with that zero-guilt, satisfying twist on classic delights, including:

  • Virgil’s Zero Sugar Grapefruit Soda: Crisp, tangy and citrus-filled, this flavor invigorates everything that is great about grapefruit;
  • Virgil’s Zero Sugar Dr. Better: This fan favorite blends tart cherry, sweet vanilla, spicy cinnamon and a kick of caffeine to deliver a better experience; and
  • Virgil’s Zero Sugar Ginger Ale: This light variety is filled with real, fresh ginger for a little extra bite and zero extra calories.

“Consumers have been demanding zero sugar varieties, and we are excited to introduce even more better-for-you options from Virgil’s with bold, complex flavors,” said Norman E. Snyder, CEO of Reed’s Inc. “Now offering nine keto-friendly and zero sugar sodas, we are making it easier than ever to experience the difference of Virgil’s this summer. And now with our expanded online retail, we can bring our handcrafted taste straight to customers’ doorsteps.”

The new trio of flavors expands the Virgil’s portfolio, which already includes Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, Black Cherry, Lemon Lime, Cola and Orange Cream. All of these beverages are made with natural flavors, a proprietary blend of natural sweeteners and contain no artificial preservatives, artificial colors or GMO-sourced ingredients.

Virgil’s Zero Sugar Grapefruit, Dr. Better and Ginger Ale will be rolling out in select grocery retailers nationwide this summer. A 24 pack of 12-oz. cans are available on the Virgil’s Amazon Storefront, and a 12 pack of 12-oz. cans can be purchased directly on the Virgil’s website.

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