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Mediterranean Food Brand Afia Releases New Sun-Dried Tomato Flavor


Afia, a Mediterranean food company headquartered in Austin, Texas, has launched its newest flavor, Sun-dried Tomato Falafel, on Afiafoods.com and in select retail stores, including Bristol Farms, Mother’s Market and Natural Grocers, all new retailers this month. The product will be available in additional retailers throughout the fall.  

Afia Sun-dried Tomato Falafel, which retails for $4.99 for five servings, is a combination of garbanzo beans and sun-dried tomatoes seasoned with Mediterranean herbs and spices. The R&D team spent months testing to find the most robust sun-dried tomato flavor that reminded Afia founder Farrah Moussallati Sibai of home. The sun-dried tomato variety is vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free and ready to serve in 10 minutes.

“Falafel and tomato go hand-in-hand in Syria, and you will always find them served together on the table. When my own daughter helps out at the factory, she brings along tomatoes and salt to have on the side with the Afia falafel,” said Moussallati Sibai. “We set out to recreate that flavor combo in this newest addition. It took us months to find the perfect sun-dried tomatoes with a bright, fresh taste that were not too tangy.”

This is the first new SKU Afia has launched since April 2020 and will be the five-year-old company’s sixth SKU. 

Moussallati Sibai, who is of Syrian and British descent, founded Afia with her husband, Yassin Sibai, using the little black recipe book that her mother-in-law brought with her when she came to America when fleeing the war in Syria. Moussallati Sibai herself had endured immense personal tragedy and great loss before starting over in Austin and missed the flavors of home. She quickly saw the importance that food played for so many people as a connection to home — and set out to introduce the American consumer to updated Mediterranean favorites, using quality, whole food ingredients.  

The new flavor launch follows a successful year for the growing Mediterranean food brand, which increased distribution by 340 percent over the last year, secured its first round of $1MM in financing, hit $1MM in sales after only two years with its first retail partner, H-E-B, and unveiled new packaging and brand identity in June. Afia is available at 900 retail locations nationwide including Amazon, Bristol Farms, Farmhouse Delivery, H-E-B, Mother’s Market, Natural Grocers, Sunbasket, Walmart and on Afiafoods.com

Afia is dedicated to nourishing the community through more than food. Beyond regular donations to local food banks, Afia is committed to supporting its local community of refugees through employment and mentoring.

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