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Grocers Adopting Bell And Howell QuickCollect Go! Pod


Bell and Howell, a provider of automated e-commerce pickup solutions, has received multiple orders for its new BH QuickCollect Go! Pod from American grocers. The robotic e-commerce order pickup solution eliminates labor-intensive order touchpoints using patent-pending, next-generation automation and intelligent software.

With the QuickCollect Go! Pod, Bell and Howell addresses growing challenges with labor shortages and costs, inefficiencies of e-commerce pickup as well as the high cost of last mile delivery allowing consumers unprecedented convenience while reducing complexity and cost for grocery retailers.  

The QuickCollect Go! Pod is a self-contained “store in a box” solution designed for simplified outdoor drop-in installations. It enables new business models, including drive-up automated pickup at remote sites, to broaden brand reach, as well as 24/7 automated pickup without added store hours or staff. The QuickCollect Go! Pod seamlessly accepts orders from logistics hubs, automated centralized and micro-fulfillment centers, manual fulfillment operations and other sources. The pods also work for grocery-specific needs with configurations to address frozen and refrigerated temperature control requirements. 

“We are excited to have leading grocers embrace the QuickCollect Go! Pod as an important element to their customer convenience and e-commerce strategy,” said James Hermanowski, VP of Bell and Howell’s QuickCollect business. “Now that grocery e-commerce has gone mainstream, retailers recognize that efficiency and cost must be addressed while maintaining consumer convenience. This next generation solution builds on our other QuickCollect products by driving efficiency in the handling of goods once picking is complete all the way through pickup or last mile delivery. Our data reflects how much consumers enjoy the convenience and consistent speed we can deliver in the QuickCollect Go! Pod.”

The pod keeps orders safe and secure until the customer picks them up with their unique pickup code. Sophisticated software allows for customer pickup and enables the system to act as an intelligent hub for local delivery partner pickups while multiple portal configurations expand capacity for high volume simultaneous processing. The intuitive interface and consumer-focused designs facilitate contactless, fast and trouble-free experiences, further improving confidence and e-commerce adoption.

The QuickCollect Go! Pod is backed by Bell and Howell’s worry-free maintenance program and award-winning service organization. Learn more about it and other BH QuickCollect Solutions here.

Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, Bell and Howell QuickCollect Solutions operates a 24/7 customer service and technical support center, as well as an advanced remote monitoring and predictive diagnostic center.

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