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Avocados From Mexico Launches Campaign And Digital Experience

Dallas, Texas-based Avocados From Mexico is headed back to the Big Game with a multifaceted campaign designed to engage consumers and make avocados shoppable at every touchpoint.

AFM’s 2022 Big Game campaign will feature digital events like the “House of Goodness” digital experience and an in-store QR code that drive directly to the brand’s website through a new partnership with e-commerce acceleration platform MikMak

During the weeks leading up to the Big Game weekend, AFM is responsible for approximately 95 percent of avocado sales in the United States.  

AFM has built its brand around this occasion, and recently announced its return as a Big Game advertiser with a 30 second spot.  

“We’ve built the AFM brand on a foundation of innovation – now, we’re back in the Big Game with not only an ad but another innovative, fully integrated campaign,” said Alvaro Luque, president and CEO of Avocados From Mexico. 

“We’re leading into the future by combining best-in-class brand building with data- and technology-enabled shopper and digital strategies that will make the 2022 Big Game campaign the most effective we’ve had to date,” he said.  

The brand is deploying a multichannel digital campaign designed to drive brand awareness and engagement across all key social platforms, while also increasing purchase intent and placing avocados on the digital shelves of 40 retailers. 

At the center of AFM’s digital activation is the House of Goodness. Hosted by former New Orleans star quarterback and football legend Drew Brees, the House of Goodness will give visitors a first-hand look into the “always good” world of avocados. 

The virtual home features several spaces and unique experiences that consumers can navigate through, including taking a selfie with Drew Brees, watching the brand’s Big Game TV spot, discovering new guacamole recipes and purchasing avocados directly at the many shoppable touchpoints across the experience. 

House of Goodness visitors can also enter a sweepstakes for a chance to win their very own “House of Goodness” with a $100k Smart Home Makeover. 

“This past year, the industry went through one of the fastest transformations that we have seen in decades. Meanwhile, we as a brand have gone through our own accelerated growing curve, fueled by an optimized marketing team, a revamped data strategy and a whole new level of integration across platforms, teams and technologies,” said Ivonne Kinser, VP of marketing and innovation for the brand. 

“We’re headed into this Big Game with a more modern view of marketing that aims to fuse our branding and performance efforts into a novel approach that we have defined as ‘Brandformance’ – taking our innovation to the next level in both territories: branding and marketing-driven sales,” she said.

As a physical extension of the digital House of Goodness, consumers in New York will have the opportunity to visit a limited time pop-up “Store of Goodness” from Feb. 8-13. The pop-up, located in Funny Pretty Nice at 64 MacDougal St. in SoHo, New York City, will debut the AFM Avocado Glow apparel collection inspired by the brand’s new color – the unique yellow-green gradient color you find when you open a perfectly ripe avocado. 

The Store of Goodness will inspire store visitors to create their own Avocado Glow social media content using the hashtag #AlwaysGood for a chance to win exciting prizes.

AFM is building on its proven brand awareness, shopper and e-commerce tactics through a new partnership with MikMak to make every single digital and social ad shoppable, giving avocado buyers the power to purchase wherever they interact with the brand’s Big Game campaign. 

Through a strategic partnership with LiveRamp, the leading data connectivity platform, MikMak will enable the produce brand to both better understand its online shoppers and acquire, analyze and enrich its first-party data with a 360 view of the most valuable shoppers. 

These added capabilities will enable AFM to continue to build brand recognition while driving sales from branded assets. 

Avocados From Mexico has been built on digital innovation. AFM’s previous Big Game campaigns were not only the first in the industry but have won multiple accolades and industry recognition for their unprecedented performance, particularly in the digital world. 

To learn more about AFM, visit avocadosfrommexico.com.

To learn more about the House of Goodness, visit avocadosfrommexico.com/big-game. 

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