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Caddo Mountain Spring Water Announces Plans For Premium Water Bottling Facility

Shown above is a rendering of the new bottling plant.

Hot Springs Village, Arkansas-based Caddo Mountain Spring Water is working with RPPY Architects on a design for a premium water bottling facility at its spring/artesian source water property in Arkansas.

The pictured RPPY facility rendering is one of the architects’ most recent plans. The initial 140,000-square-foot CADDO Bottling Facility plan incorporates the latest energy-saving and eco-friendly sustainability features and will utilize the company’s own ground-mounted solar array farm-generated electricity.

CADDO said its bottling facility will be another bottled water industry first for the company. The company also states that its project encompasses will enhance lives and foster goodwill that extends and perfects best business practices across many industries – not just bottled water.

Governmental economic incentives have been awarded to the company by the Arkansas Economic Development Commission. It will contribute to the economic development of area communities and the welfare of its citizens in one of the poorest counties of Arkansas.

RPPY President David Perry stated, “RPPY is very proud and excited to have significant roles in the project. The bottling plant will set the curve as a state-of-the-art facility that is worthy of distributing such a pure and healthy product to the world.”

The bottling facility on CADDO’s source water tract will be situated in the Caddo River Valley. The spring-fed river flows through the forested Caddo Mountains of Arkansas. Thousands of acres of U.S. Forest Lands abut the company’s property on its upgradient north and south, affording it natural water protection from contamination.

The company would like the $24 million bottling facility, visitors’ center and solar farm to be a destination location for people to visit in a beautiful, rural Arkansas county that has no state park.

“We want to leverage the company’s assets in all areas to optimize our operations and have a platform for key positive social impact. A goal of the company is to exceed the expectations of its product-consuming public as well as ourselves as consumers. We understand the product we make available, how and where we make it available and the market it serves can enhance the health and lives of the people who consume it. As well, we believe we can have a major positive social impact on everyone who gains a better knowledge of water, the environment/sustainability, area heritage through education and U.S. advanced manufacturing,” said Barry Davidson, CEO and founder of CADDO.

“Water quality, the stewardship of the environment/sustainability, our heritage and U.S. advanced manufacturing are important issues to all of us. Our passion for what we do will be sustained by the recognition of our endeavors – the highest compliment that can be achieved. We believe CADDO will be the first water in the world bottled in a U.S. advanced manufacturing facility as defined by the U.S. government. We are going the extra mile to put in place a project like ours. We selected RPPY for their ability and shared passion for our project that would produce innovative, memorable/award-winning designs and processes for us that people will want to visit.”

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