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Data Shows Grocery Shopii Accelerates Grocers’ E-Commerce Revenues


A recent rollout of the Charlotte, North Carolina-based Grocery Shopii in a Reasor’s grocery chain far exceeded expectations in terms of online sales, site visits and overall customer value provided by the innovation, the company said.

Reasor’s Foods, a 17-store banner in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went live with Grocery Shopii last summer under its white-label RecipeToTable brand. Reasor’s uses Freshop for its e-commerce solutions, which the company has integrated into its meal-planning technology since early 2021. 

The results so far from Reasor’s show that Grocery Shopii has: 

  • Turbocharged Online Checkouts: Customers are more likely to complete their shopping all the way through to payment — significantly combating cart abandonment. Reasor’s shoppers who engaged with RecipeToTable showed a 500 percent increased checkout rate.
  • Enhanced Stickiness: Site visits by RecipeToTable shoppers are more than double what they are for shoppers who don’t use the recipe shopping platform, and their user sessions are 3.5 times higher.
  • Boosted Basket Size: Customers spend 8.6 percent more online when recipes drive the shopping experience on RecipeToTable. 

These findings highlight a storyline that is key to the company’s success: Customer behavior changes when recipes are added to the digital grocery-shopping experience. By using machine learning and trending recipes from top food influencers, Grocery Shopii is able to expedite meal planning and online grocery shopping to five minutes or less. 

“Grocery Shopii was designed as a direct response to my own frustration trying to order groceries online for my family,” said Katie Hotze, a digital marketer and longtime tech-industry consultant who launched the company in 2019. “We take the pain out of that process by flooding the online grocery shopping journey with fresh recipes from authorities in the food world, all of which can be added to your cart in a click.”

Hotze is launching new features, functionalities and expansions for Grocery Shopii in its quest to streamline the digital grocery shopping experience for all. 

“It’s remarkable to see the clear and immediate effects that Grocery Shopii has had on our e-commerce performance. As an independent grocer, we have to take advantage of every opportunity to stay competitive, and Grocery Shopii has enabled us to do just that,” said David Peterson, VP of retail operations, merchandising and marketing for Reasor’s. 

Incubated in 2019 and launched in May 2020, Grocery Shopii is a subscription-based integrative solution for small and mid-sized grocers. By offering meal planning options alongside the shopping journey, Grocery Shopii empowers small grocers who lack access to competitive resources while inspiring healthier families by connecting people with real food.

For more information, visit groceryshopii.com.

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