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Torani’s Unveils New Culinary Tourism Inspired Flavor: Bergamot Syrup

San Leandro, California-based Torani has announced the newest addition to its portfolio of more than 150 syrups and sauces: Torani Puremade Bergamot Syrup.

Bergamot is a fragrant citrus fruit the size of an orange with a yellow or green color that is used as an aromatic ingredient in many parts of the world. Torani’s recreation is a citrus-forward flavor that combines the taste of citrus and zest with a floral finish and full aromatic bouquet. It’s the perfect complement to a variety of beverages and allows drinkers to enjoy a bright, global flavor.

Bergamot was inspired by qualitative and quantitative research and insights from around globe, as Torani’s team of flavor scientists and market insight experts developed multiple “Flavor of the Year” concepts.

In 2022, Torani launched its first ever Pourcast Flavor of the Year campaign, dedicated to uncovering research and trends to identify, select and develop up-and-coming flavors from around the world.

Torani’s team of flavor scientists and market insight experts curated a list of more than 50 trendsetting flavors for consideration, eventually deciding on Torani Puremade Salted Egg Yolk Syrup and Torani Puremade Bergamot Syrup as finalists. Though it wasn’t ultimately selected as the Flavor of the Year for 2022, the team decided to introduce it as part of their spring collection and permanent lineup.

“Our research has shown that after two years of an ongoing pandemic, consumers are increasingly looking towards brighter days and are eager to experiment with new and inventive flavors from the comfort of home,” said Andrea Ramirez, consumer and customer market insight manager at Torani.

“Bergamot citrus has piqued consumers’ curiosity, resulting in a greater than five-fold increase in Google searches for the flavor from the beginning of the pandemic to today. Bergamot is gaining prominence at third wave cafes around the world and is the perfect flavor for consumers looking to incorporate a fresh taste-sensation to cold coffee-based drinks or add a taste of sophistication to refreshment beverages.”

Native to Italy, bergamot fruit is best known as a key ingredient in Earl Grey tea. With its slight floral notes and intense aroma, the flavor is versatile and pairs well with indulgent and creamy flavors, such as French vanilla or white chocolate. 

“Years ago, I traveled to London and after enjoying a classic English afternoon tea, I fell in love with Earl Grey tea and the bergamot flavor. Being able to recreate this culinary tourism experience inside our Bay Area Flavor Factory was awesome,” said Mailyne Park, Torani food scientist who led the flavor’s development. “We are excited to share this new edition with flavor adventurists who are yearning for more international flavors.”

Torani Puremade Bergamot Syrup retails for $9.59 and is available to order now on Torani.com and in-store at World Market locations.

For more information, visit torani.com.

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