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Bolthouse Farms Survey Names Carrot As Most Trusted Vegetable


Bakersfield, California-based Bolthouse Farms, one of the biggest carrot growers and distributors in the U.S., has revealed survey data exploring Americans’ relationship with their vegetables. The survey of 2,000 Americans revealed that carrots are America’s most trusted vegetable.

The study reports that 69 percent of Americans are most likely to eat carrots out of a dozen other vegetables – outpacing many of the carrot’s peers like spinach, which came in at 55 percent, sweet potatoes at 53 percent and asparagus at 50 percent.

Twenty-one percent of Americans also reported that the carrot is the first solid food they fed to their baby. Carrots were stated as being one of the top five most popular veggies that Americans buy on a weekly basis, with 53 percent of Americans enjoying this root vegetable during meals or snack time.

“These survey results support the Bolthouse Farms way – we are farmers, we are innovators and we are carrot enthusiasts,” said Adam Hellstern, senior director of agriculture strategy and marketing at Bolthouse Farms.

“Packed with nutrients, carrots are versatile, convenient and good for you. They’re the only veggie out there that can be considered beneficial brain food and delicious enough to be called comfort food at the same time. Americans’ relationship with food is focused on healthy eating plus great taste, and carrots bring both to the table.”

With more Americans putting trust in carrots as a nutritional powerhouse and crunchy craving, Bolthouse Farms has identified three key ways that carrots lead mealtime and snack time across the nation:

  • Versatility played an important role in America’s perception of carrots as a veggie they can count on. The survey found that 74 percent of Americans are likely to include carrots in a veggie tray and 34 percent feel that carrots are the most versatile vegetable for dipping – more than any other veggie.
  • The survey found that four in 10 Americans think being picky eaters are holding them back from trying new foods, especially vegetables. Forty-two percent of Americans would give select vegetables a second chance if they learned more about its health benefits. Carrots are a nutritional powerhouse – an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, fiber, calcium and more – supporting everything from digestion to immunity to bone health.
  • Bolthouse Farms’ survey found that regional preferences varied across the nation. Thirty-nine percent of west coasters are more likely to eat a balanced diet most of the time, with carrots being a top preference. Forty percent of midwesterners feel that eating a balanced diet is the one thing they can control during stressful times, with 71 percent saying they are most likely to eat carrots. Southwesterners said that 38 percent would more likely choose a vegetable because of how easy it is to cook, and 72 percent of them said that they would choose carrots. Northeasterners could be considered the most adventurous, with nearly 35 percent wanting to get more creative in the kitchen. When entertaining, 72 percent are likely to include carrots as part of their menu.

For more information about Bolthouse Farms or to find a product at a store near you, visit bolthouse.com.

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