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Two Trees Launches New Bourbon Barrel-Aged Seltzer

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Fletcher, North Carolina-based Two Trees Beverage Co. has introduced a new Bourbon Barrel-Aged Seltzer. The new malt-based, wood-crafted seltzer will be available in six-packs of 12-oz. cans.

Two Trees is blending the barrel-aged taste of bourbon with the experience of RTD seltzers. Opening with an aromatic and oak forward nose, followed by subtly sweet and spicy notes; a grain profile of corn, wheat and pilsner gives Two Trees Bourbon Seltzer a satiny finish with hints of vanilla and maple.

Two Trees previously announced its partnership with Iron Heart Canning, a mobile canning company, to introduce additional capabilities including carbonation for product innovation and portfolio expansion. The RTD and canning capabilities expand on the Two Trees’ sustainable maturation processes which uncover new taste experiences, first-to-market innovations and incremental growth.

“There is a large segment of bourbon drinkers that would like to enjoy crisp, refreshing beverages that are wood-crafted and have the traditional, time-honored taste of bourbon,” said Chad Slagle, CEO of Two Trees Beverage Co. “We can finally deliver all of that in one product. The carbonation breaks up the syrupy mouthfeel and opens up the nuances of our flavors. This makes it easier for even a novice bourbon drinker to enjoy. It is more approachable, with less burn which makes this more appealing to a broader base audience and more instantly refreshing.”

Global consumption of RTD’s grew by 43 percent in 2020, according to the IWSR, which projected 21.8 percent additional growth by 2024. According to the IWSR, in the U.S. the RTD category will be larger in volume than the spirits category by the end of this year.

“Seltzers have seen tremendous growth and unique product attributes will be necessary to continue delivering incremental category sales and attract new buyer audiences to the segment in order to maintain healthier profit margins. Two Trees can help retailers with category expansion through malt-based, bourbon barrel-aged taste,” said Chris Sellers, president of Two Trees Beverage Co.

Like all of the products Two Trees produces, the Two Trees Bourbon Barrel-Aged Seltzer is sustainably matured. The Two Trees process leads to conservation in forestry, reduced emissions and reduced environmental footprint overall as well as other positive impacts pertaining to social and community responsibility.

For more information, visit twotreesbeverage.com.

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