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Anchor Dairy Launches Organic Carbon Zero Certified Butter

Anchor Dairy Launches Organic Carbon Zero Certified Butter

Chicago-based Anchor Dairy, the consumer brand of the New Zealand-based dairy co-operative Fonterra, has launched its Organic Carbon Zero Certified Butter.

The trend toward both clean label and sustainable products continues to increase and consumers are taking these factors into consideration when making purchasing decisions. Audited and verified by Toitū Envirocare, an independent certifier that verifies carbon emissions across the product life cycle, the company believes its Organic Carbon Zero Certified Butter will help consumers live a more sustainable life by supporting companies dedicated to reducing their carbon footprint.

Anchor Dairy Launches Organic Carbon Zero Certified Butter

In order to meet the Carbon Zero certification requirements of Toitū Envirocare, Fonterra calculated the carbon emissions required in the distribution of Anchor butter from farm to consumers’ homes, developed a plan to reduce emissions further and supported renewable energy projects to offset emissions that couldn’t be reduced.

The climate in New Zealand allows for cows to pasture graze 365 days a year. The butter is certified USDA organic, meaning it’s non-GMO and free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones.

The packaging will feature imagery of lush New Zealand pastures as well as a QR code that will direct consumers to Provenance, a trusted third-party company dedicated to providing supply chain transparency of everyday products, to show consumers how Anchor’s certifications make for a better environment.

“We’re excited to celebrate the launch of our Organic Carbon Zero Certified Butter. Not only does it taste great, but our butter can help everyday consumers live a more sustainable life. With sustainability and the environment a core pillar of the Fonterra brand, we’re thrilled to be amongst the first companies to offer U.S. consumers a carbon zero butter option,” said Megan Patterson, Americas marketing communication manager, who is spearheading the consumer launch.

The 8-oz. block of butter is being distributed by KeHE at a suggested retail price of $8 per package.

Anchor exports its dairy products to many countries around the world, including the U.S. Anchor cheese and butter are made with milk from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows and ensure they produce high quality, nutritious products. Because they are owned by a co-operative of farmers, the farming families ensure the farms and their cows are looked after and protected so they can share their natural New Zealand dairy with the world for generations to come.

For more information on Anchor and their offerings, visit anchordairy.com or fonterra.com.

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