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Sonic Launches Hard Southern Sweet Tea And Hard Slush


Oklahoma City, Oklahoma-based Sonic is introducing Hard Southern Sweet Tea and Hard Slush in retail stores in September.

Following the success of the Hard Seltzer lineup, the new beverages will be available at select retail stores in at least 38 states.

Hard Southern Sweet Tea offers a taste of tea with a hint of lemon. At an ABV of 5 percent, the drink will be available in 12-ounce slim can 12 packs and 24-ounce cans at select retailers.

“After tremendous support and response from across the country for Sonic Hard Seltzer, it became clear that the Sonic fan is enjoying the experience of their favorite Sonic beverages in adult form,” said Sean Mossman, president of COOP Beverage Works. “Adult Hard Tea and Adult Hard Slush are natural brand extensions, and we are all excited for our fans to be able to try these amazing flavors.” 

In addition, Sonic is launching three ready-to-drink frozen pouch flavors inspired by Sonic drinks. With a 6 percent ABV, Hard Slush will offer slush flavors like Cherry Limeade, Blue Raspberry and Watermelon.

Sonic Drive-In has licensed its name to COOP Ale Works to create a line of hard beverage products that includes Hard Seltzer, Hard Southern Sweet Tea and Hard Slush. Sonic Hard Seltzer is currently available in eight flavor offerings. The Hard Southern Sweet Tea is offered in one original flavor, while the Hard Slush is being offered in three flavor offerings.

To learn more about the products, visit sonichardbevs.com.

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