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Meijer Extends Back-To-School Teacher Coupon


For the second consecutive year, Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Meijer has announced year-round savings of 15 percent on school and home office equipment for teachers. Additionally, the retailer is expanding the coupon’s savings for a limited time to include additional categories, like children’s apparel and shoes, through Sept. 5.

On average, teachers’ spending on their classrooms has increased in recent years. According to surveys conducted by Adopt A Classroom, teachers spent an average of $750 on school supplies out of pocket during the 2020-21 school year, compared to an average of $600 in 2015.

“Knowing just how much the average teacher spent on their classroom alone last year, without considering everything else that goes into preparing for the new school year, we hope this discount makes a big difference,” said May Graceffa, director of school, home, office and toys merchandising for Meijer.

“We also recognize that, for many teachers, their classroom budget and their family budget are one in the same, so we’re excited to continue offering extra savings for them on categories that will make a difference across their budget.”

Through Sept. 5, Meijer will offer its year-long 15 percent discount to extra categories. Then, continuing Sept. 6 through the end of this school year, Meijer will offer a 15 percent coupon on school supplies and home office products.

“We know that the spending doesn’t stop once that first day school bell rings, so we decided to offer a year-round discount again this year on the classic school supplies we know teachers will need to restock throughout the year,” Graceffa said.

Teachers can get the discount, in the form of a paper coupon, by presenting a current school ID at a Meijer Customer Service desk. The coupon can only be used for purchases made in-store and some restrictions will apply. Teachers can take advantage of the coupon by obtaining a new one any time they return to Meijer.

“As a one-stop shop, we’re happy to bring that extra level of convenience for teachers and parents to be able to pick up everything they need as part of their weekly grocery trip,” Graceffa said.

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