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Doritos Launches Triangle Tracker Program Through Snapchat


Plano, Texas-based Doritos is launching the Triangle Tracker, a nationwide hunt where any triangle in the real world can unlock exclusive experiences and rewards.


Through the Snapchat AR lens that converts any triangle into Doritos and weekly TikTok challenges, Doritos is taking over famous triangular landmarks in New York, Atlanta and Memphis by partnering with brands like Guess Originals, Vivid Seats and Xbox, using Fortnite Creative Mode to create Doritos Triangle Island.

The chip brand is also dropping triangular Easter eggs throughout the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28.

“Doritos has always been known for its iconic, bold flavors, but this year we’re leaning into another part of Doritos: its iconic triangular shape,” said Stacy Taffet, SVP of marketing at Frito-Lay North America. “What better way to engage our creative fanbase than by encouraging them to think of Doritos whenever they see a triangle in the real world.”

There are two ways people can participate in the nationwide hunt:

  • Tracking triangles on Snapchat: People can unlock opportunities to win every day by using the Snapchat Triangle Tracker AR Lens on Snapchat. They need to point the lens at any triangle, including the triangles on Doritos bags, and Snap’s Machine Learning technology will recognize it and turn it into Doritos. Snapchat will then generate a code and send users to the Triangle Tracker website to claim their prize, including products, exclusive merch from brands or the $250,000 prize.
  • Weekly TikTok Challenges: In a separate Doritos TikTok challenge, it will issue weekly challenges for the chance to win $15,000 bounties. Only those who find the most creative triangles in the world and post video submissions tagging @Doritos #DoritosTriangleTracker #Contest will take home these rewards. The brand will drop two more challenges every Wednesday until mid-September.


Doritos is also taking the hunt for triangles virtual through Fortnite. Players will be able to explore Doritos Triangle Island, created in Fortnite Creative mode, with hours of gameplay and hidden Easter eggs.

Triangle Island brings a twist to three mini-games in the Fortnite world: Nacho Usual Spleef, Spicy Sweet Chiliwars and Crash Course Deathrun. The brand also partnered with StreamElements to develop an AI TriangleBot that allows streamers to replace triangles in all of their games with Doritos chips.  

To learn more about the Triangle Tracker program, visit DoritosTriangleTracker.com.

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