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Tippin’s Pies Prepared To Take It To Next Level With Rebranding

Tippin's Pies

Robin Venn, president of Tippin’s Gourmet Pies in Kansas City, Kansas, recently talked with The Shelby Report to unveil the company’s rebranding and to discuss the company’s history and evolution.

Tippin’s started off as a group of restaurants, known widely for its pies.


“In fact, at the holidays, they would shut the restaurants down just to make pies,” Venn said. “And people would line up for blocks, all throughout the Midwest.”

As the restaurant industry evolved, Tippin’s did not. About 10-12 years ago, the company was in bankruptcy and was being sold on the courthouse steps. That’s when David Ball of Balls Foods bought Tippin’s and turned it into solely pie production.

“David knew that in Kansas City, people loved Tippin’s Pies and, for him, it was going to be a competitive advantage to sell them in the Hen House Markets,” Venn said. “That’s why he bought Tippin’s.”

The company has focused on pies ever since, moving into a new facility in 2020.

According to Venn, Tippin’s wants to be “the full-service pie producer.” The company has gone through a recent evolution, bringing in several new people following a lot of retirements.

“The company was looking to do bigger things, and now that we have a new facility there are bigger expectations,” he said. “I came on in October of last year and we just hired a new VP of sales. We’ve brought on a lot of new people throughout the organization to really get it ready to take it to the next level.”

With the new people, facility and a feeling of excitement throughout the company, Venn said they took the opportunity to unveil Tippin’s rebranding. 

Not only is the Tippin’s logo new, but the company debuted a line of its Heartland label, which is “our good quality pie with a private label offering,” Venn said.

Tippin’s pies come in the nine-inch premium offering as well as the six-inch, and Heartland pies are the eight-inch, private label storebrand – “still a great value, great quality,” said Venn, adding the difference is the amount of fruit in the pies.

“It’s still the same crust that Tippin’s is known for – very buttery, very flaky – that really makes our pies,” he said.

Tippin’s Pies still are primarily found in the Midwest, though Venn noted they also now get into Arizona and Texas.

He thinks the company is ready to reach the next level.

“I think our message today is, as people come to our booth, you can see we have a number of pies, different offerings. We want everybody to know that we are a quality pie maker and we’re here to service all of your needs. And that’s what we’re ready to do.”

For more information, visit tippinspies.com.


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  • My family was in the bakery business for 37 years. Tippin’s Pies are the BEST. I’m not sure if you make Hen House cinnamon rolls, but I am a con assure and they are the BEST in KC!

  • Tippins pies are the best!!! My mother’s family, we always would go to the restaurants quite often in the 1980s and the 1990s. My mother and her sisters would always get the pies from Hen House all of the time and especially during the holidays and get the featured pie.I have a lot of sentimental memories with Tippins pies.Sadly,both Momma and two of her sisters have passed away. Whenever I get a slice of pie or a whole Tippins pie,I think about my family. Thank you for all of the great memories, which add up to about 40 years(1982) starting when I was 12 years old. I’m 52 these days.

  • I remember going to Tippins in Independence, Mo. when we were young kids. It was our treat! Mom would buy a whole pie to take home. Next few days when we had our chores done, we would get the Treat!

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