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Greene Concepts Expands Bottling Plant For Increased Sales


Greene Concepts is expanding the size of its bottling plant in Marion, North Carolina. Additionally, the company is increasing its onsite staffing and support levels.

This amplification involves the installation of a new high-speed bottling line, allowing the company to produce its own bottles on site along with gallon-sized production while hiring additional staff for key roles.

The company’s current bottling plant size of 55,000 square feet will be expanded by 20,000 square feet, resulting in a total square footage of 75,000 square feet. This increase further supports a recent release where the company announced additional upgrades and modernization to its Marion bottling plant. 

“The added square footage to our plant prepares us to manufacture and house additional bottles while increasing our packaging and loading space as we continue to expand to more retailers across the country,” said Amy McNally, VP of marketing and sales.

“In addition, we are preparing to install an additional high-speed line where we will be able to amplify our production capacity while reducing production costs through vertical integration.”

Furthermore, the company is installing equipment to support gallon-sized production. The new equipment installations, in addition to staff and building square footage additions, will strengthen Greene Concepts’ ability to support larger-scale sales orders from small and large retailers across the country along with varying types of packaging sizes to include six-pack, 12-pack, 24-packs, gallon size and 1-liter beverages.

“In order to support the expansion and high-speed line installation along with our new gallon-sized production equipment, we are hiring an architect along with a civil engineer,” said Lenny Greene, CEO of Greene Concepts. 

“The architect will help us create a design specific to our bottling plant and develop plans to ensure the building remains functional, safe, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing. The civil engineer will help in the plan, design and construction of the plant expansion along with ensuring the safety of the building, roadways, parking lot and water/sewerage systems.”

Greene continued, “Both hirings will collaborate with us to obtain the proper permits and licenses to ensure structural, electrical and operational integrity, safety and governmental compliance. The architect and civil engineer enable us to boost our current plant capabilities and support multiple large-scale national retail orders. Other open positions we are hiring for include assistant plant manager, plant technician, maintenance technician and line workers for all bottling plant station operations.

“Once the company begins producing plastic bottles in house, manufacturing costs will decrease while speed of manufacturing increases. This adds value to the company’s production line as well as bottom-line almost immediately, which is extremely value-added for our shareholders and for our company revenues.”

Greene Concepts flagship product, Be Water, is an artesian bottled water that supports total body health and wellness. Greene Concepts’ water is sourced from seven spring and artesian wells that are fed from a natural aquifer located beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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