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Bell & Evans Improves Packaging Quality With Niverplast


Last updated on February 13th, 2023 at 10:00 am

Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania-based Bell & Evans has partnered with Niverplast, a food packaging equipment company, to establish and create a new packaging line.

When building its new 411,500-square-foot harvesting facility, Bell & Evans searched to find a partner with experience in automatic bag-in-box solutions.

Bell & Evans faced two challenges: first, the need to reduce its labor associated with manual bag inserting by installing the equipment that could automate case erecting, bag inserting, product sorting, weighing, packing and case/bag closing. The second, having the ability to make sure each box is packed with the correct weight and that the bag and box are sealed to protect the product.

Initial discussions between Niverplast and Bell & Evans began in February 2020 at the Poultry Show in Atlanta. Over the course of six months, Niverplast and Bell & Evans worked together to test Bell & Evans’ boxes on Niverplast’s SpeediPlast bag inserter and VarioSeal uncuffing and closing systems.

Niverplast recommended a solution that would address its objectives of increasing productivity while improving the quality of Bell & Evans packaging process by designing a packaging line using its SpeediPlast and Varioseal solutions.

The SpeediPlast is an automatic bag placing solution that inserts the premade bag into a box, minimizing the amount of air between the two. SpeediPlast allows for 24/7 non-stop production resulting in each box being ready to be filled. The VarioSeal is a packaging solution for automatic uncuffing and sealing of lined boxes with the ability to adjust for different sizes of boxes on the same production line.

If the weight meets the requirements, the VarioSeal stretches the bag, removes the air and seals the bag. This will result in Bell & Evans saving money and time by reducing the number of operators required to operate the packaging line in a multi-shift operation. 

The entire line was designed and installed for increased efficiency, ease of use and to ensure every product is packed to the highest quality levels and value for Bell & Evans customers. 

Niverplast creates packaging lines that combine packaging technology and manual labor for ergonomic and cost efficient solutions for food manufacturers to pack their products into a bag-in-box. Each is sealed tight, properly labeled, palletized, stretched wrapped and ready to be shipped.

Founded in 1986, Niverplast helps manufacturing companies improve their operations, enhance time to market capabilities and find ways to reduce overall manufacturing cost. Its U.S. sales and service facility is located in Gainesville, Georgia, while its headquarters are located in Nijverdal, The Netherlands.

For more information regarding Niverplast food packaging equipment, visit niverplastna.com

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