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Bascom Maple Farms Helps Increase Sales Of Protein Products

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Last updated on April 11th, 2023 at 05:03 pm

Brattleboro, Vermont-based Bascom Maple Farms recently highlighted how its maple syrup can help food manufacturers enhance the taste, texture and quality of meat, poultry and seafood products.

According to Mintel’s “2022 Trending Flavors and Ingredients in Protein” report, maple, brown sugar and sweet appeared among the fastest-growing flavors used in meat product launches. Increasing prices are also causing consumers to re-evaluate protein purchases and requiring brands to demonstrate value by offering new eating experiences.

“Maple syrup extends far beyond the breakfast table and can help enhance the flavor complexity and quality of a range of meat, poultry and seafood products,” said Arnold Coombs, executive director of sales and marketing.

“Our maple products allow formulators to traverse the spectrum from sweet to savory, delivering a unique and robust flavor profile for many applications. When used in a sauce, marinade or glaze, maple delivers a rich flavor and subtle touch of sweetness that is ideal for meaty dishes. Not only does maple syrup provide a consistent flavor, it is also an ideal sweetening alternative on your label as it is recognizable, clean and sustainable.”

According to the company, Bascom Maple Farms’ natural and organic maple syrup helps manufacturers deliver “moist and delicious meat, poultry and seafood products” with formulation benefits including flavor, texture and visual appeal enhancement and moisture control.

Consumer demand for organic and natural products is expected to propel the market growth for maple syrup, as reported by Mintel. Additionally, protein using the “all-natural product” claim scored 5.5 percent higher for the attribute “tasty” than products without the claim.

“When food manufacturers incorporate maple syrup into a formulation, it delivers an added layer of flavor complexity and can be used to boost browning for even better taste and visual appeal to consumers,” Coombs said.

“Additionally, maple syrup can improve the moisture of meat and reduce other liquids that may be added for moisture retention or as a binder. Maple syrup can act as a tenderizer to soften cheaper cuts of meat and make them easier to cook as well.”

The syrup is available in all grades with each offering a specific flavor and color profile in a variety of forms, sizes and packaging from glass bottles to drums and totes. The formulation experts at Bascom can shorten learning curves and help get new products out of research and development and onto retailers’ shelves faster.

“We will happily work with brands to help select the right grade of maple syrup or maple sugar to meet taste and flavor goals,” Coombs said.

“For darker meat, darker and more strongly flavored maple grades are typically recommended. Lighter-grade maple syrup pairs well with fish, while red meat is complemented with darker grades. Our experts will help guide which grade best fits your formulation to ensure your next meat, poultry or seafood product is a hit with consumers.”

To learn more about Bascom’s portfolio of natural and organic maple solutions, visit maplesource.com.

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