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Tops Markets Introduces Sustainable Products, Services


Williamsville, New York-based Tops Friendly Markets has shared some of the ways the company is celebrating Earth Month through its sustainable initiatives and services.

Potato packaging

Tops has begun to transition to BioFlex bags instead of traditional plastic bags for its potatoes.Tops

BioFlex is a sustainable technology that increases the natural microbial activity in modern landfills and contributes 19 times more energy than that of regular plastic. The packaging is FDA compliant and safe for food contact. Furthermore, BioFlex packaging can be designed to maintain recyclability.

“BioFlex ticked all the boxes for us,” said Jeff Cady, director of produce and floral for Tops. “A quality product solution that is engineered to break down in landfills all while diverting greenhouse gas emissions. A win-win.”

David Masser, president of Sterman Masser Inc., said, “This new packaging is 100 percent recyclable and also biodegrades in landfills and converts into renewable methane gas. Tops was the first retail chain to adopt this technology and has the most distribution to date.”

Full Circle line

Tops Friendly Markets has introduced its Full Circle line featuring natural and organic products. The line of products are non-toxic, plant-based and free of dyes and fragrances. The products include detergent and eco-friendly paper towels to all purpose cleaning sprays and bath tissue.

EV charging stations

Tops has opened the first high-speed electric vehicle charging hub, located at its LaGrangeville, New York, store through a collaboration with EVOLVE NY and the New York Power Authority. Tops is involved in talks with Tesla and other vendors and anticipates adding new EV charging stations in Erie, Livingston and Cattaraugus counties.

EV charging stations are also available in Williamsville, Rhinebeck and New Paltz, New York.

“Tops EV charging stations are environmentally conscious and convenient and tie perfectly into Tops’ sustainability efforts and mission, reducing environmental waste and energy consumption all while providing our customers with sustainably sourced, high-quality products,” said Kathy Sautter, public and media relations manager.  Tops

Solar energy

In 2022, Tops continued to increase its use of solar energy by partnering with EDP Renewables to provide solar power to more of its stores. Together with Convergent Power + Energy and EDP, 82 stores will have energy saving solar power.

In 2021, Tops partnered with Convergent, a provider of energy storage solutions, to deliver more renewable energy to upstate New Yorkers in the form of community solar paired with battery storage.

The partnership allows Tops stores to be powered by solar farms, which reduces the stores’ carbon footprint. The solar-plus-storage projects, developed by Convergent, provide Tops and upstate New Yorkers access to solar energy and reduce the state’s reliance on power plants during peak demand hours. 

“Convergent and EDP are dedicated to mitigating the impact of a warming planet on current and future generations by advancing the clean energy transition, so expanding a partnership of this nature seemed only fitting,” Sautter said.

Clean sustainability

In 2022, Tops enhanced its fleet of trucks by converting to 48 new CNG trucks with sustainability benefits. Fueled with clean burning natural gas, opposed to diesel fuel, these new trucks will eliminate 3,246 MT of carbon dioxide equivalent per year by fueling 1,000,000 DGEs of RNG.

This is the equivalent to eliminating 33,389,607 miles driven by a passenger vehicle, 502,034 incandescent lamps switched to LED’s or 563,607 trash bags of waste recycled instead of being placed in a landfill.

“Our ongoing commitment to sustainability is met with enthusiasm and resolve every day, as we work to ensure we leave our communities – and our planet – better for the next generation,” said John Persons, president. “We are excited to be working with so many business partners whose values align with our environmental conservation vision.”

To learn more about all of Tops sustainability efforts, visit topsmarkets.com/sustainability.

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