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Wild Planet Foods Introduces 5 Sustainable Seafood Products

Wild Planet Foods

McKinleyville, California-based Wild Planet Foods has introduced five new seafood items to Whole Foods Market shelves nationwide.

Wild Planet Foods brings these new SKUs to consumers looking to make a positive impact on their health and the planet’s by purchasing canned sustainable seafood products.

The seafood company uses selective harvesting methods that target one species at a time to help eliminate bycatch (species unintentionally caught in the process of fishing a targeted catch). Whether that means catching tuna without nets, only using a pole and line or sourcing from respected fisheries for salmon and mackerel, Wild Planet Foods believes that sustainability begins and ends with selectivity, diligence and care.

The future of the oceans relies on responsible fishing, which is why Wild Planet partners with small-scale fishermen and fishing families who share its mission in respecting the planet by only taking what it can give and wasting nothing taken. To continue educating consumers about the importance of these methods and deliver quality, sustainably caught seafood products to the masses, Wild Planet is expanding on its current lineup at Whole Foods.

Wild Planet’s new Whole Foods Market additions expand upon some of the brand’s canned fish items, giving consumers the chance to try out a variety of new low mercury, high-quality options.

New products include:

  • Skipjack Solid Light Wild Tuna: This premium tuna is 100 percent sustainably pole and line caught, hand-cut and hand-packed with sea salt and pure olive oil.
  • Wild Smoked Pink Salmon: Sustainably sourced in the Northeast Pacific by small-scale fishermen, this salmon is wood-fire smoked using alder wood to add a sweet note that complements the flavor of the fish.
  • Wild Smoked Mackerel Fillets: Sustainably sourced in the North Atlantic and Eastern Pacific by small-scale fishermen, these fillets are smoked, hand-cut and hand-packed with olive oil and sea salt.
  • Wild Pink Salmon, three-pack: Harvested in the Pacific Ocean, working with small-scale fishing families in Alaska and British Columbia, this salmon is skinless and boneless.
  • Wild Tuna Quinoa Salad ready-to-eat meal: These ready-to-eat meals combine 100 percent pole and line caught skipjack tuna with organic quinoa, sweetcorn, zucchini and peas.

“We’re pleased to introduce new Wild Planet products to Whole Foods shoppers nationwide who are making more of a conscious effort to shop with sustainability in mind,” said Bill Carvalho, president and founder of Wild Planet Foods.

“Since the company’s inception, it has been our goal to spread awareness about the importance of knowing where your seafood comes from and the nutritional value canned seafood can provide, all while making it more accessible to consumers. This launch builds further on our realization of this goal, and we are excited to offer new, high-quality options that Whole Foods customers are going to enjoy.”

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