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Association Urges Vitamin D Addition To SNAP Farm Bill

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In an effort to enhance the nutritional support provided through the Farm Bill’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), the Organic & Natural Health Association has launched the “All for Vitamin D: Building Stronger Families in a SNAP” campaign. 

This initiative calls on voters to reach out to their respective members of Congress, especially those on the House Committee on Agriculture. The objective is to advocate for the inclusion of vitamin D3 dietary supplements as part of SNAP recipients’ benefits. 

“Sufficient vitamin D levels are of paramount importance, as we have witnessed during the pandemic,” said Alan Lewis, VP of advocacy and governmental affairs at Natural Grocers and board member of O&N Health. 

“Recent data unequivocally highlights the critical role of vitamin D in addressing numerous health concerns. Relying on outdated notions of obtaining vitamin D solely through diet or sun exposure is not only impractical, but also perilous, advice. It is imperative that we embrace the power of dietary supplementation to provide effective and practical solutions for achieving optimal vitamin D levels.”

SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, ensures that people have access to nutritious food. O&N Health has partnered with SENPA, Natural Grocers, INFRA and the Council of Holistic Health Educators to address some of these concerns with constituents.

While SNAP permits the purchase of a range of foods, encompassing fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and proteins, it lacks guidelines concerning the quality and nutritional value of the items. Particularly, when addressing the challenge of meeting therapeutic vitamin D levels, SNAP falls short in providing solutions since these vitamin D levels cannot be achieved solely through food or sunlight exposure.

“Empowering SNAP recipients with nutrition knowledge and skills can save lives and taxpayer healthcare dollars,” said Karen Howard, CEO and executive director of O&N Health. 

“Vitamin D3 supplements offer an affordable solution to address a range of health challenges faced by families, including preterm births, depression, respiratory infections, asthma, cancer and chronic diseases like cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure and Type 2 diabetes.”

This addition to the farm bill can address prevailing nutrition gaps and combat the far-reaching health implications of vitamin D deficiency.

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