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Gourmet Garage Celebrates E-Commerce Upgrades With Free Delivery

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Self Point, a digital commerce partner for supermarkets and specialty food retailers, has assisted with online and mobile shopping upgrades for Gourmet Garage, a Manhattan grocer with the motto of inviting customers to “Shop Like a Chef.”

Self Point’s e-commerce technology supports Gourmet Garage locations in New York’s Uptown Lincoln Square Center area and Downtown, with a location serving Tribeca and SoHo.

Self Point logo“We are known as the accessible gourmet food retailer. By updating the online shopping experience, we are honoring our heritage as the leading supplier of essential ingredients to New York’s finest restaurants,” says Andy Arons, Gourmet Garage CEO. “Our loyal customers regularly ask us to add stores in their neighborhoods. With our newly enhanced digital storefront, shoppers can order on their mobile devices and be confident that their tables will have festive dinners and memorable family meals. To celebrate the grand opening of our refreshed mobile-first store, we are offering free delivery for online and mobile orders.”

Gourmet Garage has been selling products on an online marketplace that positions grocery and consumer goods products from multiple merchants side by side. Self Point’s technology expands the grocer’s competitive advantage against larger supermarkets by making shopping convenient and more personalized, the company says. The solution was integrated into Gourmet Garage’s point-of-sale system, business processes and reporting infrastructure. Self Point says it speeds and simplifies implementation by building product catalogs and store maps directly from online and in-store transactions.

In addition, the Self Point technology facilitates the creation of shopping lists from previous orders with a single click. These lists can be created and edited from home or mobile devices. All of the data is captured to continuously deepen the relationship with the shopper.

“Gourmet Garage had an existing e-commerce platform but decided to partner with us because of our fast, full-service implementation,” said Michael Haaf, Self Point CEO. “With our rich retail experience, we back up our clients’ teams with solid training and additional resources to support online order fulfillment and offline sales growth. We ensure shoppers get consistent, personalized touch points across email, web and mobile, including targeted offers based on buying behaviors and sent as push notifications or special home page messages. Self Point offers the best tools to take online and mobile orders, get products packed and shipped out of store, while saving grocers’ manpower.”

Founded in 1981, Gourmet Garage now has five stores in New York City offering natural and organic produce and products as well as prepared foods.

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