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BrandStorm Launching New Natierra Superfoods Brand

Natierra CEO Thierry Olliver traveled to Peru and Bolivia in September to find new products and meet with current suppliers. Olliver visits partners at least once or twice a year to follow up about growth, development and new products.

BrandStorm Inc. is unveiling a new umbrella brand for its lines of superfoods, gourmet salts and on-the-go snacks. Inspired by CEO Thierry Olliver’s decade of world travels, Natierra not only harmonizes Himalania and Nature’s All Foods product lines, it fuses the spirit of adventure and the celebration of health and community to bring conscious consumers “Superfoods with Soul,” according to the brand.

Natierra says its tagline, “Superfoods with Soul,” symbolizes its commitment to forge responsible business decisions that foster social progress and sustainable harvesting. Natierra seeks out the finest ingredients produced in accordance with organic and non-­GMO standards, as well as fair trade standards when possible. This responsible sourcing promotes empowerment for small-­scale farmers and their families through fair wages, working environments and better access to proper healthcare and education. Natierra says it strives to develop and provide opportunity by promoting ethical partnerships in all stages of production, from farmers to employees to consumers.

“I first realized I had the power to do something meaningful in my career on one of my first sourcing trips,” said Ollivier. “I traveled to countries and communities where I met farmers face to ­face. I learned about the way they earned their living, their relationship with the land and how assistance can impact their livelihood in a big way.”

As a company, Natierra is Fair for Life certified, which elevates the commitment to creating a healthy work environment for its employees. Natierra says it strives to employ a proper balance of transparency, social benefits and labor practices that encourage personal growth and development. Natierra says it values each team member’s efforts and motivates them to flourish in a work culture where they feel they’re contributing to the success of the organization and the global community as a whole.

The blue scarf is Natierra’s symbol of travel and adventure (often used by nomads and explorers). Natierra says the “cheche” gives the company the opportunity to illustrate and symbolize the worldwide reach and impact of its brand.

“The launch of Natierra comes at a time when consumers hold higher expectations of companies and their products,” said Ollivier. “We’ve been active in making responsible decisions since the inception of BrandStorm and, today, plan to further our legacy through Natierra, its products and its mission.”

In 2002, Ollivier drew from his experience in the organic and natural foods industry to create a new snacking experience for everyday consumers. For the last 12 years, his company has been importing unique food products from around the world. Ollivier says he firmly believes in a generation of leadership that marries corporate culture with creating a better future for consumers and the earth as a whole.

To initiate this transition, Natierra is rolling out updated packaging through the end of the year by featuring its logo on the front of Himalania and Nature’s All Foods labels. The Natierra line is available in pouch sizes ranging from 2-12 oz., with suggested retail prices ranging from $3.99-$16.99. The Natierra line is available at all natural and organic specialty food stores, including Whole Foods Market.

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