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Minnesota Grocers Association Recognizes Six Companies For Efforts To Fight Hunger

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The Minnesota Grocers Association (MGA) has revealed the Silver Plate Award, Circular and Best Marketing Campaign winners of its 2015 “Minnesota’s Own” display contest. The contest is part of a state-wide campaign coordinated annually by MGA that engages Minnesotans in the fight to end hunger in their communities. Since 2008, participants in the “Minnesota’s Own” program have provided more than 34 million meals to hungry families in Minnesota.

The winners of the Silver Plate Award created in-store displays that best depicted the “Fight to End Hunger” campaign and were required to use a combination of in-store advertising and vendor products. In addition to the award, each winner will receive $1,000 to donate to the food charity of its choice on behalf of the “Minnesota’s Own” program.

The Best Single Creative Display Silver Plates were awarded to one vendor and one retailer who created a central theme that educated consumers about the fight to end hunger.

• The Baxter Cub Foods in Baxter won the retail category. Post Consumer Brands, based in Lakeville, won the vendor category for its display at Coborn’s in Sauk Rapids.

The Best Overall Program Support Silver Plates were awarded to one vendor and one retailer that met the above requirements, as well as collaborated with other campaign participants.

• The retailer award in this category was presented to Chris’ Food Center of Sandstone. The vendor award went to Kemps in St. Paul.

There are two additional award categories from the 2015 “Minnesota’s Own” program display contest: Best Circular Award and Best Marketing Campaign Award. In addition to the award, each winner will receive $500 to donate to the food charity of its choice on behalf of the “Minnesota’s Own” program. The Best Circular Award was presented to a company who demonstrated excellence by encouraging greater program outreach and engagement with local communities and by expanding awareness and reach of the program via retail circulars. New this year, the Best Marketing Campaign Award was given to a company who marketed their brand industry wide in conjunction with our fight against hunger.

• This year’s Circular Award went to Miner’s of Hermantown.

• This year, Faribault Foods in Faribault was awarded the Best Marketing Campaign Award.

“Minnesota’s Own” brought together numerous retail members, vendor partners and community food banks to fill local food shelves across the state. Participating stores and vendor locations offered multiple opportunities for consumers to contribute to the campaign by checking hunger off their lists. Some stores encouraged customers to donate grocery items in store or round up their purchase totals at the register, contributing the price difference to feed local families. Others prominently displayed the names of customers who donated money on shopping list icons in their stores.

“The success of the ‘Minnesota’s Own’ campaign is driven by the exceptional efforts and generosity of our members, vendor partners, community food support agencies and, most significantly, Minnesota’s grocery customers,” said MGA President Jamie Pfuhl. “The excitement and dedication demonstrated by all partners, participants and community members is inspiring. We are proud to play a role in this collective effort to end hunger in Minnesota’s communities. Congratulations to our Silver Plate, Circular and Best Marketing Campaign award winners for their wonderfully creative, engaging and effective efforts.”

Added Rob Zeaske, CEO of Second Harvest Heartland, “The hard work of all MGA’s members and grocery consumers was critical to helping improve the lives of Minnesota families in need. We’re so appreciative of the consumers, grocery stores and vendors for their contributions to help provide stability to so many people in these tough times. Sincere thanks to the retail food industry for this important work.”

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