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US Foods, Avero Launch New Solution For Managing Food Costs

US Foods and Avero have introduced a new product that aims to make the challenging job of running a restaurant kitchen easier.

The Avero Food Cost Management (FCM) Program integrates with a restaurant’s point-of-sale system to give a digital look into food cost data and real-time inventory information. The program also provides predictive sales forecasts and purchase quantity suggestions that tell restaurant operators exactly what they need to order and when they need to order it.

“No restaurateur gets into this business because they love managing inventory and food costs, but this is essential and important work and, through our partnership with Avero, we are making this work easier,” said Jim Osborne, SVP of e-commerce and business solutions for US Foods.

Under the US Foods and Avero partnership, US Foods customers’ product lists and purchase trends are automatically loaded into Avero FCM based on historical purchases and invoices.

All new US Foods orders can be placed quickly through Avero FCM, and customers’ inventory is automatically updated with the new purchases once they are received, saving operators hours each week. Additionally, the new product streamlines inventory counting and waste tracking—two areas where operators say they need help.

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