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Peapod Launches Alexa Voice-Activated Grocery Ordering

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Peapod has launched “Ask Peapod,” its Alexa skill for hands-free voice ordering that enables shoppers to add items immediately to their weekly grocery carts. A command might sound like this: “Alexa, ask Peapod to add olive oil to my cart.”

“The beauty of online grocery shopping is that you can add to your order throughout the week and at the very moment you remember that you need something,” said Cat de Merode, Peapod’s VP of product. “In fact, we know that our customers often visit Peapod multiple times throughout the week while completing their orders. Now, as soon as a shopper thinks of an item, they have the option of adding it their cart via Alexa, their desktop or our mobile app for the ultimate convenience.”

Peapod AlexaThe Peapod skill is available to shoppers with an Alexa-enabled device. Peapod’s full grocery store selection—including fresh produce, meat, seafood; deli items, natural and organic foods, and a wide range of prepared foods and easy-to-prepare meal kits—is available to order on the app.

In addition to adding and removing items in the cart, Alexa can reorder a customer’s last order and alert a customer to the delivery date.

To access the skill, users will need to:

  • Download the Alexa app via iTunes or Google Play Store.
  • Find “Ask Peapod” in the “Skills” section.
  • Click “Enable” and follow the instructions to sign in to one’s Peapod account, or create a new one.
  • Ask Alexa to “Open Peapod” to hear all options or get started right away by saying “Alexa, ask Peapod to add” and mention any grocery items.
  • Place the order.

“At Peapod, we love new technologies, particularly when they fit so naturally into household planning. Knowing that 51 percent of Amazon Echo users have their devices in the kitchen, launching ‘Ask Peapod’ on Alexa was a natural innovation for Peapod as we continue to create real meal solutions that fit into normal at-home behaviors,” said de Merode.

She said the company plans to add more features for its “shopping chefs” as well.

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