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Sous Vide Organic Vegetables: A New Ready-To-Eat Option

Straight From The Roots sous vide vegetables

Las Vegas, Nevada-based Straight From The Root is bringing the French style of sous vide cooking to American kitchens with USDA organic, cut and fully cooked vegetables.

Straight From The Root’s sous vide cooking method involves submerging a BPA-free, vacuum-sealed bag of cut, organic vegetables in heated water to cook them completely. The bags are then blanched in an ice bath to stop the cooking process, resulting in tender vegetables that are evenly cooked and never mushy, the company says. According to Straight From The Root, its vegetables also are more nutritious than those cooked with traditional methods because the lower cooking temperature preserves more of the vegetables’ nutrients. The bag also traps nutrients, vitamins and minerals and allows uncooked vegetables to stay fresh in the refrigerator for up to 45 days after purchase.

Straight From The Root vegetables contain no added ingredients.

“We aim to create the most convenient, cleanest way to get your vegetables every day,” said Founder and President Paul Lagudi. “We understand that people often shy away from buying, prepping and cooking vegetables, especially on busy weeknights. Great quality, healthy food doesn’t need to be a hassle or a mess. Straight From The Root offers preservative-free and organic produce that can be eaten straight from the bag, warmed over a stove or heated up in a microwave in under a minute.”

Straight From The Root’s product lineup includes Baby Carrots, Red Beets, Sweet Potatoes, Butternut Squash and Honey Gold Potatoes. The line is available in select Ralphs, Smith’s and Whole Foods stores.

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