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Tomra Recycling Loyalty Plan Tops 50,000 Members

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A milestone of 50,000 people now are being rewarded for their recycling through a loyalty program entitled, “Tomra Makes Change.”

Launched in September 2016 by Tomra, a provider of reverse vending solutions, the program incentivizes people to return their bottles and cans. The company rewards consumers for participating in beverage container return programs.

More than 37 million containers have been recycled through Tomra Makes Change reverse vending machines (RVM) since the program’s launch.

For every container redeemed through the Tomra Makes Change program, members receive one point in addition to their state’s container deposit value. Members log into their account on the RVM screen before beginning their recycling session to collect their points.

Participating Tomra RVMs without a touch screen will print a QR code at the end of the recycling session which the member can then scan using Tomra’s ReAct app. The app also tracks recycling activity and the environmental impact of a member’s recycling.

Points can be accessed through ReAct or tomramakeschange.com and redeemed for gift cards, tech products and eco-friendly goods. Users also can choose to support a variety of nonprofit organizations by converting their points into a monetary donation.


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Tomra Makes Change members can earn points for their redeemed containers at 530 RVMs at 79 grocery stores across Michigan, Connecticut and New York. July and August are the busiest months of the year for recycling, with more than 4 million containers redeemed each month by the Tomra community.

In 2017, Tomra connected nearly 200 additional RVMs to the Tomra Makes Change program and will continue to expand the initiative in 2018.

“For Tomra Makes Change to reach 50,000 members in just over a year is truly an achievement,” said Chris Brasoygard, product manager for consumer engagement for Tomra Collection Solutions Digital. “Our active digital community demonstrates that there is consumer demand for engaging and personalized sustainability programs. As the program continues to grow, we plan to add more rewards and charitable partners, giving our members more ways to participate and make a difference through recycling.”

Tomra Makes Change also allows retailers offering reverse vending machines to tailor the program to their store’s atmosphere with custom signage and on-screen donation options for local charitable organizations.

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