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Meet Gen Z: Plastic Water Bottles Bring Landfills To Mind

Claire Lentsch
Claire Lentsch

by Claire Lentsch/a contributor to The Shelby Report

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to landfills is plastic. Although plastic is not the only thing that forms mountains of waste, it is one of the more common things we face in our day-to-day lives. Ads promote the idea of “save the planet” and “use refillable water bottles” and many have embraced these ideas. Reusable water bottles are better for the environment and are much easier to keep track of. But straws are becoming a thing of the past. They are hard to clean, make the bottle heavier and take up space that could be used for the beverage itself. 

Temperature control is important. Leaving cheap plastic water bottles in a car while the sun is beating down is a mistake. What used to be cold, refreshing water mutates into a hot combination of water with the stench of plastic. Reusable water bottles can help reduce and prevent this unsettling phenomenon. Bottles that can regulate the temperature of their contents are highly sought after.

Water bottles have evolved with highly diverse and popular materials. There are different materials to fit everyone’s lifestyle: traditional plastic water bottles, rustic wooden water bottles, sturdy stainless-steel water bottles and classy glass water bottles. It is a common notion that beverages in glass taste better. Nothing quite competes with that refreshing sound of opening an old-fashioned pop in a glass bottle.

Reusable water bottles open a world of opportunity. Not only do these kinds of water bottles have an operational function, but they allow for artistic possibility. Many people customize their water bottles, even ordering stickers to decorate them. The water bottle tells a story. Products that tell a story are powerful and moving.

A few companies have started to share stories of giving to those in need. “Buy a bottle, we give a bottle.” People love to buy products when they feel like they are part of a movement and are able to make a difference.

There are endless options when it comes to hydration. How do we know what to choose? There are a number of things to consider, including health benefits, temperature control, convenience and cost. People consider their health and seek out innovative ways to incorporate new healthy choices into their everyday lives. What is a better way than grabbing a quick healthy drink? Dairy is perfect for a healthy drink, it is nutritious and nourishing. The best way to start off any day is with dairy. 

Detox drinks are growing in popularity. Drinks that help our bodies to function better are very attractive because we all want to live our best life in our best bodies. Detox is a new start, a second chance, a promising possibility.

High-protein drinks are highly sought after because it is a new way to get energy without having to take the time to sit down and eat something. In just a matter of seconds, you have your fuel for the next couple hours.

Coffee and tea have always been popular options and today is no exception. Coffee is found in almost every building across America. Reusable bottles that can regulate temperature are perfect for coffee and tea, both hot and cold.

The availability of a product is important in purchasing decisions. Consumers cannot buy a product if we do not have access to it. Cost is important because it says a lot about a company’s values and claims.

Reduce plastic waste. Make the consumer part of the conversation. Allow water bottles to be artistic expressions. Display health benefits to encourage healthy lifestyles. The regulation of temperatures allows for control over the product. Consumers are searching for control, personalization and a sense of belonging with their purchases. 

Claire Lentsch was invited to share her perspective as a member of Generation Z (born since the mid-1990s) and a consumer after meeting Shelby Midwest Editor Terrie Ellerbee the 2017 Supervalu National Expo.

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