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Seven Conagra Facilities Achieve 95 Percent Waste Diversion

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Conagra Brands is recognizing seven facilities that have diverted more than 95 percent of materials that would have otherwise been sent to landfills. These facilities are Conagra’s 2018 Zero Waste Champions, and they are critical in leading the company’s waste reduction and recycling programs, the company says.

“Conagra Brands is dedicated to keeping unavoidable waste out of landfills as part of its zero-waste journey,” Conagra said. “By reframing how the company thinks about food and packaging materials that are typically characterized as ‘waste’ and treating them instead as ‘byproducts,’ Conagra is changing attitudes and behaviors at facilities and strengthening waste reduction efforts.”

The company’s annual Zero Waste Champion Awards are a way to celebrate those facilities that are leading the charge to avoid sending materials to landfills.

This year’s Zero Waste Champion facilities include: Dresden, Canada; Hamburg, Iowa; Irapuato, Mexico; Kent, Washington; Maple Grove, Minnesota; Oakdale, California; and Memphis, Tennessee.

“Recycling materials within our facilities is an important piece of Conagra Brands’ zero-waste strategy,” said Gail Tavill, VP, CSR and sustainability. “Our Zero Waste Champion facilities really embrace this strategy, and their innovative approaches to reducing waste and finding value streams for our byproducts have significantly reduced the amount of material going to landfills.”

In fiscal 2018, 82.6 percent of the solid waste generated at all Conagra’s facilities was diverted to more beneficial uses through recycling and other strategies like energy generation, use as animal feed and composting. 

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