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Beef Checkoff Debuts Beef Poke At Pennsylvania Food Festival

Chef Barry Strand
Chef Barry Strand

The Beef Checkoff demonstrated beef’s “versatility and flavor profile” to the crowds at Lancaster, Pennsylvania’s “Taste! Lancaster” food festival, which welcomed 8,000 guests in November. Chef Barry Strand of the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, was on-site to debut Beef Poke, distributing nearly 1,600 samples.

“This recipe capitalizes on the trend of poke using flavors (of) beef Ribeye Filet, without using the traditional raw ingredients,” said Strand. “We wanted to highlight this dish for two reasons. Ribeye filet is a cut that not many people have tried before. You can ask your butcher to break this down for you, or, you can get more hands on and fabricate this cut yourself. There are cutting videos available on”

Strand also showcased a step-by-step breakdown of the beef ribeye subprimal, demonstrating its cost-effectiveness when done at home and talking through the best technique to freeze beef at home, as well.

“Buying beef in bulk and learning the proper steps to freezing beef in smaller potions is a great option for feeding your family on a budget,” said Jennifer Orr, director of nutrition education with the Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative.

The event was sponsored by the Beef Checkoff’s Northeast Beef Promotion Initiative, along with the Pennsylvania, Colorado and Iowa State Beef Councils.

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