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Peachtree Packaging & Display Purchases Exclusive Rights To Recycooler


Lawrenceville, Georgia-based Peachtree Packaging & Display, a brand caretaker that designs and manufactures custom, semi-permanent/corrugated and permanent point of purchase (POP) and Direct to Consumer Experiential Packaging graphic packaging solutions, is now the exclusive manufacturer of Recycooler, a reusable, recyclable and earth-friendly cooler made from a minimum of 60 percent post-consumer product and printed with soy-based ink.

“Recycooler gives companies a unique way to tell their brand story and build brand equity with consumers,” said Chad Wagner, president and CEO of Peachtree Packaging. “In a world where so many experiential packaging and display options are disposable, we are excited to provide an exciting, memorable customer experience that also provides consumers with a functional useful tool that they can feel good about using.” 

Recycooler coolers can be custom printed and are brandable, and may be used for merchandising and shipping branded products or as promotional giveaways and product launches. Recycooler also offers an option for cold shipping products that must remain chilled upon arrival. 

“Recycooler fits well into our product line by providing our clients with yet another unique unboxing and experiential packaging solution,” said Pete Galbiati, director of marketing for Peachtree Packaging. “With Recycooler, you are not only providing consumers with a high-quality eco-friendly product, but it also serves as a visible, functional marketing piece for your brand that will be seen throughout the community, creating multiple lasting impressions.”

The patented design of a Recycooler comprises a unique insulation component to keep drinks and food cold for long periods of time, even in the hottest conditions. Recycooler is a more environmentally conscious choice than traditional polystyrene coolers, which introduce waste into the environment after a very brief use-life. Polystyrene also causes problems in the earth’s hydrosphere as animals can swallow or choke on it. In addition, an impartial working group under the World Health Organization and appointed by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has upgraded its warning regarding styrene as “possibly carcinogenic” to “probably carcinogenic for humans.”

Recycoolers are not only more eco-friendly but they are also more durable than polystyrene coolers and will not crack or leak like traditional polystyrene coolers.

“Our mission is to create a recyclable, disposable cooler that meets every green consumer’s demands, including using the greenest materials available,” said Kevin Bentley, president and CEO of Recycool Inc. “Peachtree Packaging is the ideal exclusive manufacturer for Recycoolers with its expertise in unique experiential packaging solutions and custom product displays that are proven to drive revenue.”

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