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Louis Foods Initiative Honoring Family Member Raises Nearly $60K For Charity

Louis Foods Uncle Lou's
This check presentation took place in a Kroger store in Ohio.

A charitable initiative established to honor a longtime employee and family member of Louis Foods Inc. led to the donation of nearly $60,000 to charities nationwide.

Louis Rothhaas, Uncle Lou as he was known to his customers, maintained a loyal customer base throughout the years as the family neighborhood butcher shop flourished in Cincinnati.

The Uncle Lou’s Gives Back initiative was launched in October 2018 and a company spokesperson tells Shelby Publishing that Louis Foods Inc. has been getting a “tremendous” response, especially at the NAMI (North American Meat Institute) show, held March 3-5.

The Rothhaas family has been in the meat business for five generations, starting with a market stand in 1887. Throughout the next 130 years, Louis Foods established a respected business in Cincinnati with the storefront on East McMillian Street.

Lou Rothaas developed a product that was quickly in demand: a clean, all-natural pork chitterling. Not only was it a local favorite, word of mouth spread quickly, and people were driving hundreds of miles to purchase the product for the holiday season. Uncle Lou’s brand was established and grew out of the butcher shop and into a processing facility in Iowa.

Today, the chitterlings are sold nationwide. As the campaign is printed on every bag sold, the campaign is expected to continue.

In launching Uncle Lou’s Gives Back, Louis Foods is cultivating a partnership with their retailers in supporting local charities in their respective communities by donating a portion of every package purchased to the retailer’s charity of choice.

“It’s the right thing to do, it honors our father, and it carries on the tradition of giving back to communities that have supported us throughout the years,” says Rick Rothhaas, co-owner of Louis Foods Inc and Lou’s son. “My brother Rob and I wanted to do something to pay tribute our father, by giving back in this way to help neighborhoods invest in their future, it seemed like a natural fit for our company’s mission.”

Uncle Lou, who is retired, still resides in Cincinnati.

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