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NJFC Applauds Governor’s Approval To Phase Out Single-Use Bags

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The New Jersey Food Council is thankful to Gov. Phil Murphy for signing A-1978/S-864 Nov. 4, in what becomes the most prolific single use disposal bag ban law in the nation. NJFC has continually advocated for a uniform statewide standard to phase out single use plastic and paper bags and encourage the use of reusable bags in New Jersey. The action taken by Murphy does just that, according to Linda Doherty, president and CEO of the NJFC.

“The ban on both paper and plastic bags is critically important as paper bags have just as significant of an environmental impact as plastic bags. Without this ban, consumers would have simply moved to paper single-use bags, failing to address the underlying goal of reducing our reliance on single-use products,” Doherty said. “Most importantly, this law ends the proliferation of varying local ordinances. The unworkable patchwork underscored the importance of having this smart, uniform statewide law that preempts all local ordinances.”

The NJFC extends its appreciation to Murphy, Senate Sponsor Bob Smith and the State Legislature for creating this uniform standard for the entire state, Doherty said.

The New Jersey Food Council (NJFC) was formed in 1969, at a time when the supermarket industry was fractured and did not have a common voice. A small group of New Jersey grocers representing mostly small and independent food stores joined many of the large food retailers with a vision to bring together common goals and strengthen the industry under a unified state association.

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