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Rowdy Mermaid Launches Adaptonic Sparkling Immunity Tonics


Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 03:14 pm

Rowdy Mermaid, the functional beverage brand known for its kombucha, is entering a new category with the launch of its Adaptonic immunity beverages. The sparkling tonics are crafted with fruits, botanical herbs and immunity-supporting reishi mushroom extract.

The launch of Adaptonic coincides with the release of a new Grapefruit Rise kombucha flavor, the brand’s first “energizing” kombucha, which will be available at Rocky Mountain Region Whole Foods Market retail locations. The majority of Rowdy Mermaid’s other kombucha flavors soon will be available at all Whole Foods Market locations nationwide.

The functional beverage market is set to hit $46 billion by 2023, with sales of products with medicinal mushrooms up year over year 200-800 percent. Additionally, according to the State of Our Health syndicated tracker from Murphy Research, one in three nutrition-engaged consumers are explicitly trying to boost their immune system through their food, beverage and vitamin/supplement choices. This represents a 19 percent increase over 2019. 

As the first sparkling adaptogen tonic powered by reishi mushroom extract, Rowdy Mermaid Adaptonic uniquely combines flavor and function to deliver an immunity boost. The immunity-enhancing benefits come from harnessing the qualities of a fiber derived from reishi mushrooms. Nicknamed the “mushroom of immortality,” reishis are an immunity-strengthening marvel.

While these mushrooms may be immunity powerhouses, Adaptonic is made with reishi mushroom extract that delivers all of their perks but with none of the mushroom taste. The brand upped the adaptogenic ante by combining the power of reishi extract with other functional ingredients like ashwagandha, matcha tea and holy basil. 

Adaptonic is available in four tantalizingly tempting flavors: 

  • Ashwagandha Blackberry combines wellness-waking ashwagandha and bright, sweet blackberry;
  • Matcha Yuzu is full of antioxidant- and vitamin C-packed matcha tea and tangy yuzu, a nourishing citrus that blurs the lines between grapefruit, orange and lime;
  • Strawberry Holy Basil is fresh and fruity thanks to succulent strawberries and body-balancing holy basil; and
  • Chamomile Lime features the uniquely refreshing intersection of zesty lime and soothing chamomile.

All four varieties contain fewer than 25 calories and 6 grams of sugar per 12-oz. can (MSRP: $3.29/can) and are made with high quality organic ingredients. All Adaptonic flavors are also made with regenerative sugar, which aligns with the brand’s goal to have a fully regenerative supply chain. Additionally, Ashwagandha Blackberry, Strawberry Holy Basil and Chamomile Lime flavors are caffeine-free. 

Adaptonic“Rowdy Mermaid has always been about celebrating and democratizing the power of functional plant medicine, and our new Adaptonic sparkling immunity tonics beautifully deliver on this mission thanks to their botanic-boosted immunity and wellness benefits,” said Jamba Dunn, CEO and founder of Rowdy Mermaid. “We revolutionized kombucha by delivering options that were less ‘kombucha-y.’ With the Adaptonic collection, we’ve turned our eye toward creating a new type of adaptogen-fueled functional beverage, leveraging our Rowdy energy, creativity, magic and passion to deliver sustainably sourced, immunity-boosting deliciousness.”

The full Adaptonic line is now available on the Rowdy Mermaid website. It will also be available at Whole Foods Market locations in the Rocky Mountain region (Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Utah) in mid-April, and nationwide at all Sprouts locations by the end of May. 

Rowdy Mermaid is continuing to expand not only its product offerings but also its distribution footprint. While assortments will vary slightly by region, all stores will carry Alpine Lavender, Lion’s Root, Rowdy Belly, Savory Peach, Strawberry Tonic and Watermelon Bloom flavors. 

Rowdy Mermaid is continuing to grow its Kombucha line with the introduction of a Grapefruit Rise flavor. This energizing offering blends sweet and zesty grapefruit with a touch of aromatic rosemary. With 100 mg of added caffeine (just a skosh more than a cup of Joe) thanks to green tea, Grapefruit Rise is an option for those looking for an extra kick from their kombucha. Like all Rowdy Mermaid kombucha varieties, Grapefruit Rise is low on sugar, low on acid and high on flavor and function.

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