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Tyson Fresh Meats Case Ready Capabilities Address Packaging Needs

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After the whirlwind that was 2020, a resilient company and business partner is one that can adapt to changing times. And Tyson Fresh Meats continues to do just that as a premium meat processor, packer and supplier, innovating to cater to the challenges that grocery stores face with its Case Ready capabilities.

In a climate where available skilled labor, food safety regulations and consumer demands are constantly evolving, packaging solutions need to evolve as well. Tyson Fresh Meats Case Ready packaging offers fresh and safely sealed prepackaged beef and pork products for retailers to easily provide to their customers. Tyson Fresh Meats Case Ready Capabilities Address Packaging Needs

In addition, these Case Ready dual protein offerings cater to retailers searching for variety in different tiers of Tyson meat: PremierNatural* and Angus. They’re available fresh and are easy to freeze for merchandising versatility, with a 28-day shelf life to reduce waste.

Case Ready doesn’t just mean quality products in quality packaging, though. All of Tyson’s Case Ready products address key challenges such as minimized product handling to increase food safety and no in-house trimming. They also allow employees to spend more time with shoppers while reducing waste and backroom labor costs. With their extended shelf life, they reduce shrink and out-of-stocks while increasing assortment and sales.

At Tyson Fresh Meats, the focus is on creating tomorrow’s solutions today, aiming to stay ahead of the curve for industry demands. With an increasing number of consumers buying more pre-seasoned meats in grocery stores to battle pandemic cooking fatigue, Case Ready products offer peace of mind to meat buyers trying to find a one-stop-shop, dual protein offering that is consistent in quality.

Twenty-five percent of respondents in a Datassential consumer survey from as far back as May 2020 were already reporting that they were sick of cooking at home so often “and would be quite receptive to something that injects a little variety” into their meals.

During the pandemic, innovation has become a priority as consumers stocked up on packaged goods. FMI – The Food Industry Association reported that some 56% of retailers employed innovation in 2020, compared to 49% in 2019. Similarly, solutions for family meals advanced as a strategy, from 54% to 61% in 2020, as a result of the home-based nature of consumer eating patterns during the pandemic.

Below are the different innovations in Tyson Fresh Meats Case Ready packaging:

  • Overwrap Low Oxygen Mother Bag Technology – Appeals to consumers’ desire for safe packaging, while maintaining shelf life; and airtight mother bag seal for optimal bone and meat color.
  • Vacuum Packaging Optimization – Ultimate freshness and maximized shelf life to reduce shrink; and portioned and packaged to cook right away or easily freeze for later use.
  • Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) – Airtight seal for optimal appearance and vibrant red color; extended shelf life for consistent, dependable flavor.
  • Ground Beef Brick Pack – Leakproof and freezer-ready for no mess and added shopper convenience; portioned in fixed weight packages to be recipe friendly; and compact design for easy stocking.
  • Ground Beef Chub Packaging – Leakproof and freezer-ready for no mess and added shopper convenience; multiple size and leanness options for meat case versatility and shopper appeal; and Case Ready packaged ground beef to reduce out of stocks.
  • Ground Beef Overwrap Mother Bag Packaging – Extended shelf life reduces shrink and out of stocks; airtight mother bag seal for fresh, ready to stock product that appeals to shoppers; and eliminates oxidation for optimal bloom and color.

To learn more about Tyson Fresh Meats and its Case Ready capabilities visit: tysonfreshmeats.com/protein-innovation#caseReady.

Ready to put the experts and solutions from Tyson Fresh Meats to work for you? Click here to get in touch with a sales representative.

*Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

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