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Andrews, Aikman And Taos Bakes Hope To Change Healthy Snacking

Taos Bakes

Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 12:21 pm

Taos Bakes, an alternative snack company, has unveiled a new partnership with Erin Andrews and Troy Aikman to change expectations around what “healthy snacking” looks, feels and tastes like. Andrews and Aikman will team up with the Taos, New Mexico-based snack shop, specializing in small-batched, healthy, gluten-free snacks made from non-GMO and organic ingredients, to promote the brand while sharing their personal passion for tasty wholesome foods and holistic nutrition.

Andrews, sportscaster and TV personality, has joined football legend Aikman to help drive online and in-store awareness for Taos Bakes. The partnerships are inspired by Andrews’ and Aikman’s affinity for health and wellness and passion for great snacks with wholesome ingredients. Set to kick-off in July, the multi-faceted partnership will include crafting unique marketing content, social media efforts that drive Taos Bakes sales and subscriptions and galvanizing distribution efforts with key retailers. Ideabar, an integrated brand and media agency, also has been working closely with Taos Bakes and the influencers to launch this project and score points with customers.

For Andrews, work, travel and family responsibilities can be complex. One area she has chosen to simplify is her approach to “healthy food.” To Andrews, this means making food choices that are convenient, taste great and made with wholesome ingredients.

“Being on the road during the football season, I don’t always have time for a full meal and that’s where having a healthy snack nearby is important,” she said. “That is why Taos Bakes, with their wholesome ingredients, is my go-to bar.”

Aikman spent decades atop the athletic world, thanks in part to his healthy diet and eating habits. After his career, his commitment to fitness has remained as strong as ever, as has his focus on wholesome foods and ingredients. He decided to partner with Taos Bakes after learning about the company’s dedication to making good food that tastes great while redefining what eating “healthy food” really means.

“I’m thrilled to partner with a brand that aligns with my views on holistic health and whole ingredients. Once I took a bite of the toasted coconut bar, I knew I needed to work with Taos Bakes to share their products with as many people as possible,” Aikman said.

Founded by best friends Kyle Hawari and Brooks Thostenson, Taos Bakes creates 11 flavors of bakes and has launched three new products, Taos Bites, Trailblazer Granola and Cosmonuts in the last 12 months.

“This partnership with Erin and Troy is an incredible moment for Taos Bakes,” said Hawari, executive chairman and co-founder of Taos Bakes. “The fact that two influencers of Erin’s and Troy’s stature share our belief in great-tasting healthy food – and are willing to join us on this journey – means that what we are doing resonates. People want healthy food to be intuitively natural. For us, that has always meant using the simplest, cleanest, non-GMO and organic ingredients to make the best-tasting, wholesome snacks possible.”

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