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IRI Thought Leaders To Reveal Research At Upcoming Webinars

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IRI, a leader in innovative solutions and services for consumer, CPG, retail and media companies, has announced the upcoming line up of its thought leadership webinars in its latest version of Next Week Now, a compilation of insights-rich activities, announcements and events.

Upcoming IRI thought leadership activity includes:

  • March 12 – SXSW – The latest SeeHer GEM Lift Study, created in partnership with IRI, shows that ads with high gender equality metric scores delivered an overall 60 percent improved sales performance. In this roundtable conversation, Joan Driggs, IRI, along with Latha Sarathy and Christine Guilfoyle, SeeHer, will reveal key insights from the latest whitepaper that reveal how the accurate portrayal of women and girls in media accelerates business grown across gender, language, race and ethnicity. Register here.
  • March 13 – NCA State of the Industry – The NCA State of the Industry Conference, available for NCA member companies and retailers, brings together confectionary leaders and their retail partners to discuss, learn and connect. IRI’s Sally Lyons Wyatt will be at the conference to host a breakout session about the latest data and trends in the confections industry. Register here.
  • March 16 – Exploring Opportunities in the Alternative Protein Market – The alternative protein category is relatively young, with plenty of growth and innovation opportunities. During this webinar at 1 p.m. ET, IRI’s Jonna Parker will discuss the latest news and numbers from the alternative protein market and share what shopping behavior has signaled for market opportunity over the past several years. In addition, hear how category specialists view alternative protein demand and how processors use the latest technologies to produce products that meet consumer expectations. Register here.
  • March 17 – CHPA Self Care Leadership Summit – In their State of the Industry: An Omni Perspectivesession at 9:15 a.m. ET, IRI’s Bob Sanders  and Kristin Hornberger will showcase the performance of the consumer health care industry and the competitive landscape, including how the industry performed in 2021 and prospective growth opportunities for manufacturers in 2022 and beyond, from an omni perspective. This session will also feature a deep dive into how consumer shopping patterns and preferences have shifted. Register here.
  • March 17 – Top Trends in Fresh: Who and What Matters Most for the Future of Fresh – In this session at 2 p.m. CT, IRI’s Sally Lyons Wyatt and Jonna Parker, along with FMI’s Rick Stein, will dig into the top trends happening now in fresh, including the balance between affordability and premiumization as price and promotion continue to play out on the shelf. Register here.
  • March 22 – WMU Food Marketing Conference – The COVID-19 pandemic has driven an extraordinary amount of change in the food industry, forcing marketers to reimagine the marketplace by embracing change and transformation. Join IRI’s Kristin Crouse for an in-person session at the Western Michigan Food Marketing Conference on how consumer behaviors will impact retailing post COVID-19. Register here.
  • March 22 – IDDBA: Navigating the New Integrated Fresh Data Portal – Integrated Fresh is the first data portal featuring fact-based definitions of grocery departments, including dairy, deli, bakery, meat, seafood and produce. It is based on extensive research of which products and attributes most retailers and suppliers consider among items found in these departments. In this webinar at 11 a.m. CT, hosted by the IDDBA and conducted by IRI, learn how to seamlessly navigate Integrated Fresh and quickly find the data you and your company are looking for. Register here.

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