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In-Store Reusable Bag Rental System Launches In New Jersey

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GOATOTE, a winner of the Beyond the Bag Challenge, is piloting its system in select CVS Pharmacy and Target stores across New Jersey, advancing reusable bag alternatives as the state enacts a ban on single-use plastic bags.

GOATOTE’s reusable bag kiosks are available in stores across Jersey CityHowell TownshipWatchungNorth PlainfieldWall and Marlton. For these pilots, GOATOTE is partnering with 99Bridges for the technology platform that powers their reusable bag system.

As an increasing number of policies, including New Jersey’s ban on single-use plastic bags, come into effect to help address the global plastic waste crisis, solutions that offer an alternative to the single-use plastic bag continue to gain traction. The rollout of GOATOTE and 99Bridges’ systems in New Jersey helps test and strengthen the viability of reusable systems, one critical solution to addressing single-use plastic waste.

In August 2021, GOATOTE and 99Bridges participated in the pilots – a first-of-a-kind multi-retailer reusable bag pilots managed by Closed Loop Partners, with Consortium Founding Partners CVS Health, Target and Walmart.

These pilots helped increase collective understanding of the existing enablers of barriers to sustainable design solutions, identifying what resonated most with customers, how customers and employees use reusable systems, what provides value to retailers and how innovators’ solutions can evolve.

“We’re excited to see GOATOTE and 99Bridges’ progress and continued work with the Consortium to reinvent the retail bag partners, such as CVS Health and Target. Their work today builds on the collaboration established through the Consortium, and the collective insights gained from the Beyond the Bag pilots, paving the path forward for more circular bag solutions,” said Kate Daly, managing director of the Center for the Circular Economy at Closed Loop Partners.

“As the demand for reusable bag alternatives rises, especially amidst recent policy changes and a growing plastic waste crisis, we look forward to seeing continued impact on the ground, as innovators further develop and grow reusable bag solutions.”

GOATOTE and 99Bridges’ roll out in New Jersey builds on their participation in last year’s pilot, expanding on data points and best practices to help retailers, innovators and customers navigate the changing landscape for retail bags.

“GOATOTE believes that implementing reusable bag systems in cities, states and countries that have enacted or are anticipating single-use plastic bag bans is critical to delivering ease for consumers while lessening impact on the environment,” said Renee Lundahl, co-founder of GOATOTE. “We are proud to collaborate with leading retailers to advance our reusable bag system on the ground and help make reuse mainstream.”

Moving forward, the consortium to reinvent the retail bag, which has worked with nine winning innovators and convened 15 retailers to date, continues to support the progress of individual innovators, fostering connection and coordination with retailers and identifying best practices for impact on the ground.

The consortium will continue to test, listen, learn and collaborate to gather and disseminate the collective findings from a diverse suite of learning opportunities. The ongoing learnings will be shared with diverse stakeholders including policymakers, industry groups and NGOs, among others, helping to align incentives and efforts to enable the success of new systems.

Ultimately, the consortium, alongside its partners, aims to accelerate the catalytic change to a more circular system.

Find store locations and pricing to use GOATOTE’s reusable kiosks here.

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