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Dietz & Watson Launches Protein-Packed Snack Packs


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based Dietz & Watson has begun introducing consumers to its protein-packed snack packs. 

The packs were first introduced at the 2018 IDDBA gathering. The “adult Lunchable” comes 12 to a case and features the brand’s well-established meat and cheese options, as well as other protein-based snacks such as dried cranberries, walnuts or cashew.

To round them out, the packs also come with a toaster or cracker to give consumers a “snackable and stackable” lunch, according to Taylor Grissinger, senior retail marketing manager at Dietz & Watson. 


“It really allows consumers from any age group to enjoy and sort of elevate their lunchtime,” she said. 

While the packs debuted four years ago, they weren’t launched in stores until April. 

“At the onset of COVID, it was not an opportunity we were able to see through in fullest potential. So now that we’re back and better than ever, we devoted a lot of research and development time to perfect the product,” Grissinger said. 

The packs are just a part of Dietz & Watson’s overarching campaign to encourage consumers to try their products in new and different ways. 

“We’re traditionally known as a lunch meat and cheese company,” Grissinger explained. “But I think over the last three to five years, we’ve done an outstanding job of transitioning into more of a lifestyle brand, which encompasses everything from grab-and-go snacks, deli snacks, speciality cheeses and even charcuterie. 

“Our main goal is really to meet consumers where they’re at…we’re expanding and innovating across all of our category lines, which will continue to help us evolve in the industry and stay relevant among our consumer base.”

These snacks include single stick packaged smoked meats; a line of Dietz Nutz bites, which come in meat, cheese and nuts varieties; beef jerky; and other small serving pre-packaged deli meats and cheeses. 

While the Dietz Nutz brand is in its early stages of consumer acceptance, the company had success at the 2022 IDDBA held in Atlanta, giving out free “Deitz Nutz Sack” tote bags. In fact, it ran out of them before the end of the expo’s second day, according to Grissinger, who added that the company emphasizes its tradition. 

“It’s a fourth-generation run company, owned and operated by the family. We are slowly introducing the fifth generation,” she said. 

“The family continues to grow and the business continues to evolve. As the generations and family and business evolves, we bring more people in to support our larger scale initiatives. But our core campaign is a family thing and that really is depicted throughout all of our core pillars, as well as in our business on a daily basis. That’s really special.”

For more information, visit dietzandwatson.com.

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