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Diamond Crystal Salt Co. Introduces Fine Kosher Baking Salt

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Diamond Crystal Salt Co. has introduced Fine Kosher Baking Salt, designed specifically for baking.

The Minneapolis-based company said the salt’s finer-cut crystals dissolve, mix and blend faster and more evenly into batters and doughs than table salt. Using Cargill’s proprietary Alberger refinement process, the baking salt delivers increased flavor and is free of additives.

The Fine Kosher Baking Salt will be featured Oct. 12-15 during its Grand Tasting event at the Food Network’s New York City Wine & Food Festival.

“We believe our new Diamond Crystal Salt Co. Fine Kosher Baking Salt is the very best salt for baking,” said Sonya Roberts, president, Cargill’s salt business.

“The salt’s finer-cut crystals will enable home chefs to up their game when it comes to making the breads, cakes and cookies they love to share with family when celebrating this holiday season – or anytime of the year.”

Diamond Crystal Salt. Co. salt brand products, including its new Fine Kosher Baking Salt, are available on store shelves nationwide and on Amazon.com.

The salt brand also debuted a new brand design and expanded salt varieties earlier this year.

About Diamond Crystal Salt Co.

A trademark of Cargill Inc., Diamond Crystal Salt Co. produces products without additives. Its Kosher Salt Flakes are made in the same facilities that its founders have used since 1886. 

The company provides Kosher Salt Flakes, Coarse California Sea Salt and Coarse Himalayan Pink Salt varieties.

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