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Health Warrior Chia Bars Roll Out At Whole Foods Nationwide

Health Warrior Chia Bars

Health Warrior is rolling out nationwide its Health Warrior Chia Bars onto Whole Foods shelves this month. The bars are 100 percent natural, nutrient-rich and about 100 calories; they also are packed full of the superfood, chia.

“This product has a unique place in the nutrition bar category, and we are pleased to be able to offer our customers a convenient way to get the benefits of chia seeds,” said Jeremiah McElwee, executive whole body coordinator at Whole Foods Market. “The bars taste great and they are packed with nutrition.”

Health Warrior co-founders Dan Gluck and Nick Morris are former NCAA Division 1 athletes. They discovered chia seeds after reading about the Tarahumara Indians in the book “Born to Run,” where the Tarahumara are reported to run up to 100 miles without shoes, sustained by the chia seed. Gluck and Morris, intrigued by this story, embarked on some further research and realized that chia is the greatest superfood unknown to mankind, according to a company news release.

“Chia seeds are on the march to regain their historic place at the top of the nutrient-dense real food chain, and Health Warrior is excited to help lead the way with our chia bars, our community of warriors and great partners like Whole Foods Market,” said Gluck.

Health Warrior Chia Bars provide a convenient way to “chia on-the-go” and offer less than 5g of sugar per bar. The bars also are vegan, dairy and soy free, the news release says.

Available in Acai Berry, Coconut or Chocolate Peanut Butter, the product retails for approximately $1.89 per bar, or $29.99 for a box.


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