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Odwalla Rolls Out Bars For Kids

Odwalla bars

Odwalla is introducing a new line of food bars with whole grains made specifically for kids. Odwalla Bars for Kids come in three flavors: Chocolate Chip Kick, Strawberry Score and Banana Dunk. Each flavor contains 11-12g of organic whole grains, and each bar contains 130-140 calories and provides a source of fiber and calcium.

“It’s so important, and so difficult, to manage kids’ diets in today’s non-stop world. At Odwalla, we’re always looking to create healthful solutions for busy moms and dads,” said Irma Shrivastava, VP of marketing for Odwalla Inc. “Our new Bars for Kids line helps bridge the gap between nutrition and great taste. It’s a totally convenient snack option that kids and parents alike will appreciate in a lunch box, during a car ride or between school and extracurricular activities.”

• Chocolate Chip Kick: A blend of whole organic grains with a chocolaty taste. Chocolate Chip Kick contains 4g of total fat per bar;

• Strawberry Score: Hearty organic whole grain oats and pieces of strawberry; and

• Banana Dunk: This bar combines organic whole grain oats with pieces of banana.

All three bars are available in 1.28-oz. single units and in multi-packs. Odwalla Bars for Kids can be found at natural-food stores, select supermarkets and specialty outlets nationwide along with other Odwalla bars, including Super Protein, Blueberry Swirl and White Chocolate Macadamia.



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